Subject: [PW] Angel's Start, and a Strange Message Date: Tue, 06 Apr 1999 10:17:10 -0400 From: Karana <> Organization: Posted via RemarQ Communities, Inc. Newsgroups: Brinngg! Angel’s alarm went off at precisely 7 o clock. The blond girl opened her eyes groggily and smashed the annoying Rattata clock with her fist. She turned over and went back to sleep, hidden by the large bed sheets. Suddenly, in the back of her tired mind, she remembered what day it was. “I’m getting’ my Pokemon today~!” She said to herself as she bolted upright in bed. Angel threw on her clothes and made her bed while she combed her hair and tied her shoes. “Hi Ma! Only got time for some toast! Bye Ma!” A flaxen-haired flash whizzed by Mrs. Chao, who was preparing some eggs and bacon. Angel snatched a piece of toast as it popped from the toaster and shoved it in her mouth as she ran out the door. Mrs. Chao sighed and set the table. No doubt Angel would be late…as usual. Angel raced by the other houses on her street in Pallet Town. Although out of breath, she kept running…jeez, this was super important! She *had* to get there early! As she zipped by the last house on her street, she noticed three kids crowded around something. Inside her head a battle waged. *Go take a look. It’ll only be a second, and then you can run super fast.* One voice said. *Don’t! You’re late enough already!* The other argued. In the end, curiosity won. Angel jogged over to the boys. “Hey, watcha doin’…” She trailed off as she noticed they were poking a near-dead looking Eevee with sticks. Now, Angel’s usually pretty quiet, and minds her own business. Usually. Seeing a Pokemon hurt and not taken care of really burned her up. She turned angrily to the tallest boy. “That poor Eevee! That is no way to treat a living thing! I’d engage you in a Pokemon battle…uh…if I had a Pokemon.” The boys looked at her as though she had just dropped from the sky. “You don’t even have a Pokemon yet? Ha!” One said. Angel was silent as her eyes burned. “Hey, what’s wrong with her eyes?” The youngest boy whispered. Angel’s mysterious affliction was happening, she could feel it. Her eyes were turning the color of anger, a bright blood red. She looked up at the startled kids and glared at them. “AUGHH!” They screamed in unison, and forgetting about the Eevee, they dropped the sticks and raced away. “Whew.” Andy sighed. “That was not fun.” She pressed her finger where she thought a pulse should be. Ever so faintly Angel felt tiny, spaced out beats. “Geez, I gotta get you to a hospital or something…” Angel murmured as she gently picked up the Eevee. It whimpered as she lightly brushed its hind legs. Casting a longing look at Professor Oak’s lab, she ran the opposite direction to the nearest Pokemon Center. White. White. White white white. The Eevee was surrounded in a world of nothingness. It squeaked in fear as unknown shapes hustled it into another room of white and stuck tubes in it. *Where’s momma? And poppy? And sista and brudda?* It wondered groggily, as the tranquilizers began setting in. *Losted…* The Eevee lost consciousness. Angel bit her fingernails nervously, and glanced at the clock for the forty-eighth time. Oooh, she was so late it wasn’t even funny! Her eyes were a cloudy gray, the color of worry. Couldn’t Eevee hurry up and be healed already? She thought, twisting the strand of black hair around her finger. About an hour later, Nurse Joy walked into the waiting room, holding a happy looking Eevee. She handed it to Angel, who bit her lip uncertainly. “What’s wrong?” Nurse Joy asked as she washed off her hands. “Um, it’s just…I don’t have any Pokeballs yet, and this isn’t even my—“ “Nonsense~! Let your Eevee stay out, and for heaven’s sake, go buy some Pokeballs!” Angel had been protesting in the background, but she gave up, seeing Nurse Joy wasn’t going to be talked down. “Well, come on…uh, what’s your name, anyway Do you have one?” The Eevee had been looking up at her with shining eyes. It shook its head while nuzzling her leg. She giggled and put it on her shoulder. “I’ll call you Sweetie. You’re just too cute~!” Sweetie chirped happily. “Okay, Sweetie, hold on!” Angel yelled as she sprinted to the lab in the distance. About 20 kids holding Pokeballs filtered out of the lab, almost running over Angel. She squirmed through them and exploded into the lab, knocking right into…Professor Oak! “Oh jeez! I’m so sorry Professor! Let me help you!” She helped the man up. He squinted at her and laughed. “Ah, Angel, you’ve finally arrived! I was beginning to think you’d forgotten to come today!” He chucked. Angel’s bad memory was known throughout the whole town. “Even I couldn’t forget something like this, Professor Oak!” Angel said, eyes a happy blue. “Are there any Pokemon left?” Professor Oak nodded and smiled, pulling a Pokeball from his jacket. “Everyone wanted this one, but I saved it just for you!” He said cheerfully. It was a Caterpie. A *Caterpie*! Angel couldn’t believe her eyes when the weak Bug Pokemon appeared in front of her. She felt as though she would break down crying then and there, eyes a dark blue. “Well, Angel, what do you think?” Professor Oak asked. Angel swallowed her tears. “Um…thanks Professor Oak! It’s…really…nice.” She said lamely. “Excellent!” Professor Oak said, clapping her on the back. “Now here’s your PokeDex, and five Pokeballs. Happy hunting!” He waved her away as one of his assistants came up with a paper and a confused look on his face. “Bye Pallet Town!” Angel cried as she walked out, Whisper the Caterpie on one shoulder, Sweetie the Eevee on the other. “Hey Angel!” A black haired hair and brown haired boy ran to catch up with her. “Hi Ebony, Caleb.” She said warmly to her friends. Ebony tossed her hair importantly. “Sorry I can’t hang around, Angel, but I’ve got Pokemon to catch and trainers to beat! See ya!” Ebony sniffed, walking away. Angel gritted her teeth. “Sometimes she really grinds my nerves!” Caleb shrugged. “Ebony’s like that sometimes. But anyway, good luck!” He waved and jogged into the forest in front of them. Angel was about to follow when she clutched her head and fell on her knees. Concerned, Whisper patted her cheek. Angel looked up. “Don’t you two hear that?” She asked. “It’s like…like someone was calling me. Not just me…others.” Sweetie and Whisper looked at each other, concerned. What was happening to their trainer? “Come on. We’re going to Saffron city!” Whisper and Sweetie face faulted. Saffron?! That was halfway across the world! They were zapped quickly into their Pokeballs as Angel started running. If anyone else is starting out, or in the same general area as Angel, feel free to interact~! -Karana