Subject: [PW!][PKMN-AUCTION] Another Battle Date: Thu, 08 Apr 1999 21:00:38 -0700 From: "Magic T. Dragon" <> Organization: EarthLink Network, Inc. Newsgroups: Natasha had barely left the Pokécenter when a boy, around 11, ran up to her. "Hey! Wanna have a battle?" She looked to Charmander and Cubone. "Well?" Both jumped up and down. They wanted another chance. "Sure. Pick your two." They walked to a nice, open area. The boy ran a short ways from her and gripped his Pokéballs. He detached one. "Rattata, go!" Natasha grinned. "Cubone!" The little masked Pokémon danced into the 'arena'. "Rattata, tail whip!" "Cubone, bone club!" The two charged each other. Rattata slapped Cubone with his tail. Cubone took the chance and hit the Rattata's hindquarters with his club. "Rattata!! Tackle!" "Cubone...again." Each moved away from the other, squaring his opponent off. Rattata charged Cubone. Just as the rat struck him, Cubone brought down the bone and struck Rattata's head. It wobbled slightly before falling over, out cold. Cubone ran back to Natasha. "Rattata, return! Go, Spearow!" "Charmander, GO!" "Man, char Charmander, der mander!!" "Spearowwww!" "Spearow, peck!" "Charmander, ember." Spearow dove at Charmander, wings drawn for top speed. The hooked beak was positioned for a meeting with Charmander's head. Charmander spun around, the flame on his tail leaving a trail of fire. Spearow extended his wings, trying to pull away from the ring of fire. He acted too late. Spearow's beak hit the fire before ramming Charmander. Both tumbled, a swirl of flame and feathers. Their trainers stiffened. The mix stopped. Charmander pulled himself away from the greatly weakened Spearow. "Charmander, enough! Come back!" "Spearow, return..." Natasha picked up her triumphant Pokémon, grinning. "Good match?" The boy frowned. "Yeah...good match." --Natasha V. "Char! Charmander!" "Bone bone Cubone!"