Subject: [PW!] Are you with us, yes or no? Date: Fri, 2 Apr 1999 21:33:02 -0500 From: "Christof" <> Organization: MediaOne Express -=- MidWest Region Newsgroups: P:OTPW - Christof, Rachel and Ramon were traveling north to Viridian to Rocket Headquarters. Golem, Christof's new Pokemon, is pitching a fit about wanting a trainer battle. ====Route 1, VERY near Viridian. "GOLLLLLLLL.... EM!" yells Golem, pointing at a trainer nearby. The trainer nearly faints. Rachel does. Ramon jumps and catches her just in time. Ramon lies her down and tries to awake her while Christof and Golem approach the trainer. "Why don't you have shorts on?" asks the kid, standing up from the shade of the tree. "Because I'm not a nerd like you." answers Christof, snidely. "Nerd? You called me a NERD? Who do you think your talking to?" asks the kid, grabbing at a Pokeball. "Do you know who YOU are talking to? A top man in Team Rocket." says Christof. "R-Rocket? Aren't y-you the Pokemon Poachers?" asks the kid, stammering. "Yeah. Hand 'em over or get ready to fight." says Christof. The kid hands 3 Pokeballs over to Christof. The kid still clutches the last one. "Give it up, furrball." says Christof. "Let's fight. I lose, you keep this Pokemon." says the kid. "Go... GOLEM!" says Christof. Golem rolls forward. "Go... Vaporeon!" says the kid. Vaporeon appears in front of Golem. "Rare Pokemon. Think your better? Ha. Water may have an advantage over Rock, but Golem can out muscle that scrawny thing anyday." says Christof. "Errrrr... WATER GUN Vaporeon!" "Rock Throw!" Vaporeon blocks the rocks with Water Gun. "Tackle, Golem!" "Hydro Pump!" Golem jumps out of the column of water in time to squash the back half of Vaporeon. "Va...." says Vaporeon, his last word before he faints. The kid recalls Vaporeon. Christof snatches the Pokeball. "GIVE HIM BACK!" yells the kid, trying to hit Christof. Christof takes him by the back of his shirt and throws him at a nearby tree. The trio walks on after hearing a sickening thump. ====Viridian City, Pokecenter. "Maybe what we did back there was wrong." says Ramon. Rachel and Christof just stare at him blankly. "What? So we took 4 Pokemon from some nerd. Big whoop." says Rachel. "But isn't that wrong?" says Ramon. The 3 are walking into the room. Rachel is helping Christof walk because they had to climb stairs. "Morally wrong?" continues Ramon. "That's illegal." Christof draws his dagger, holding it to Ramon's throat. "Get in the room. Sit down and don't say a word." says Christof. Ramon hurries into the room. "Alright. Wrong? No." says Christof. "What do-" Ramon starts, but Christof has a dagger at his throat faster then he can say 'No!'. "Are you with us, yes or no?" asks Rachel. "No." says Ramon. Christof stands with help of Rachel. The two make quick work of Ramon so he doesn't... er can't talk. Ever. Or breath for that matter. ====Viridian Rocket Center. "We'd like to claim a TR member dead." says Rachel. "Name?" asks the attendant. "Ramon." "Whole name!" "Ramon is all we know." says Rachel. "Find out the right guy yourself." says Christof, slapping a picture of Ramon down on the desk. Rachel and Christof find a room. They fall asleep for the night.