Subject: [PW!] [PKMN-Auction] At the Auction Date: 6 Apr 1999 00:43:18 GMT From: (Seanish65) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: ~~~~Seanish is wandering the Auction alone, Sirius is busy somewhere~~~~ "Can I have 175 dollars!" Seanish walked into a large room where a Squirtle was being auctioned. Mabye he'd try to get it, Squirtle is a cool Pokèmon. "175 dollars 'ere," It was a small man with a hat on. To Seanish he looked like a person who has a lot of money, unlike Seanish. "Ummm... 200 dollars?" Seanish wasn't sure whether he should be doing this. Then a person ran into the room, right into the man Seanish was wagering against. "AHHHHHHHH! Someone put Magikarp in the toilets!" The crazed kid who ran in said, he looked not much older than Seanish. Security people came in and dragged him off a couple second later. The small man was out cold. it looked like Seanish might get Squirtle by a twist of fate. "Can I get a 225 dollars?" Nothing. "Going once...Twice...SOLD! To the boy in the last row!" "YES!" Seanish ran up to the auctioneer and gave him the $200, then he was handed a Pokèball. "I Caught Squirtle!" The man glared at Seanish. "Well, not literally but now I have one!" He walked out of the room to see more action around the Auction, he had to tell Sirius and everyone of his conquest in getting Squirtle, once he found them. TBC... PokèSean "This is my Quote"