From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Back to Cinnabar Date: Sunday, April 25, 1999 12:15 AM > Bubblegum put her little arms on Slasher's head and a little egg shaped energy > ball appeared. It dropped onto Slasher and dissolved into sparks. The little > Meowth stopped crying. "Meowth..." > > "Chansey!" Bubblegum just chewed her gum with her Chansey grin. > > Maria called her back into a Pokeball and looked down at Slasher. "Better now? > Let's go." She walked off towards town, Slasher on her heels. > > TBC? Not too far away from Maria, on the east coast of the island, a very tired Slowbro pulls in to the shore. Robert and Mithril-rama are the ones piloting this particular Slowbro, which is quickly recalled back into Robert's Pokeball. Mithril-rama looks around aimlessly, "Here we are again... Cinnabar Island! Are you ready to get the badge they offer here? I always forget the name... Hmm, it has to do with fire, though!" Robert nods, but then shakes his head. He peers up into the sky to find the sun setting already. He looks downward, "We were in that refrigerator of a cave ALL DAY! The Gym's probably closed..." "How do you figure?" Mithril-rama shrugs, "I'm sure it's different everywhere." Robert slides the end of his sleeve up and examines his watch, "6:12 PM... Gyms close at 6 PM. Besides, I need a nice long rest before challenging a Gym Leader... Tauros is fainted and Charmeleon is about to... I need to get to the Pokemon Center first... and after that, the Gym will *definately* be closed! We might as well enjoy the rest of the evening... Who knows? There might even be a party!" Mithril-rama's eyes blink open, "No! Not again! Don't you remember what happened last time?!" Robert's stare becomes blank. "Actually... no... no I don't." Mithril-rama stops a moment to recall the events of that particular evening as well, then suddenly shakes her head, "Remembering what happened isn't the point! The point I'm trying to make is that the next morning, we both felt horrible, and that might've been the reason you lost against the Gym Leader here!" "Nah." Robert seems indifferent towards Mithril-rama's criticism, "Slowbro just wasn't ready. He's beaten up all sorts of nasty Jellyfish Pokemon on the way here, so he should be pumped up! If there's a party, we should go, it would brighten up my spirits! Especially Haunter! He loves them!" Mithril-rama sweatdrops at his attempt at humor, "We'll get drunk again and who knows what we'd do!" "That's not true..." Robert reaches to wrap his arm around Rilli in a loving manner, "I promise that I won't drink anything! Well, maybe just a little water... but I'll make sure to have Slowbro taste it first! Then, if he looks drunk, I won't drink it!" "Slowbro always looks drunk!" Mithril-rama blurts out, then chuckles a little. "Good point." Robert joins Rilli's fit of chuckling, picturing a drunken Slowbro. All this laughter catches the attention of a certain Team Rocket member named Maria, who decides to take a closer look. With Slasher close behind, she closes up her trench coat, and walks up to the unsuspecting teens, hoping to snatch up some gifts for the boss. She forms a fake smile on her face and beams, "Hi there! Do you two live here?" Robert turns his attention to the short woman, who looks familiar. "Huh? Oh hello! No, you could say we're tourists!" Maria smirks, happy to hear the good news, knowing that tourists are always unsuspecting, "Oh! I just arrived here at Cinnabar Island today! You two wouldn't happen to know where's a good place to visit, would you?" Robert pauses and thinks for a moment, "Well, I think that people here hold a large beach party on the northern shore every night, all night long, but I could be wrong... Actually, we were just on our way to the Pokemon Center. I have some Pokemon that need healing and I think Nurse Joy would know if there's a party!" Maria shows off a huge grin, which might seem like a friendly smile to someone who doesn't know her. She figures that where there's a party, there has to be all sorts of drunk people that wouldn't realize that their Pokemon are stolen until the next morning. "A beach party, huh? Sounds...tempting. I have absolutely no idea what I'd wear, though!" Slasher pads up to Maria and begins circling her. "Meeeowth..." "Hey! Look! It's a cute little Meowth! I've always wanted to catch one of those..." Robert bends down to pet the feline, but the Pokemon backs away slightly, hissing and demonstrating it's very pointy teeth. Robert jumps back, "AHHHH! It's not a very friendly Meowth, is it?" "Not to strangers, and people who he doesn't trust." Maria nods to herself, and leans down to let Slasher jump on her shoulder. "So, you're going to the Pokemon Center?" "Yep!" Robert exclaims, "...and if there's a beach party tonight, I'm going there too!" Mithril-rama is intimidated by Maria's presence, but she gets a word in anyhow, "I don't know, Robert... Even if you don't get drunk, Team Rocket might show up! Last time they didn't, but there's always the threat..." Maria calmly shakes her head and assures Mithril-rama, "Don't worry, little girl..." This statement seems peculiar coming from Maria, since Rilli is actually about the same size as her. Maria continues, "Team Rocket wouldn't bother stealing Pokemon at a beach party. Feel free to bring ALL of your Pokemon! They'll be safe." Slasher flashes a grin, "Meeow..." Robert laughs out loud, "Yeah, besides, they're too stupid to get the job done right, anyway, right..." Robert stares at Maria, who doesn't look too pleased with what Robert said, but tries to remain calm. Robert raises an eyebrow, "I do believe we haven't formally introduced ourselves! My name's Robert, and my friend here is Rilli!" "Pleased to meet you..." Her tone of voice doesn't seem to match her words, "My name is Maria...Just... Maria." Robert and Mithril-rama both chime, "Hi Maria!" Robert pauses for a moment, then says, "Well, I think that Rilli and I should be going to the Pokemon Center now. See you around, Maria!" They hold hands and begin to walk towards the Pokemon Center together. Tropical music is heard in the distance as the sun begins to set in the west... Maria glances at Rilli's full purse and then at all six Pokeballs on Robert's belt. To her, they look like ripe fruits ready for picking! Maria whispers under her breath, "I just need to wait for the right time..." She considers following her two targets to the Pokemon Center or going elsewhere, possibly to a nice clothing shop to find an appropriate disguise for the beach party! Slasher stretches out while perched on her shoulder and yawns, "Meeeeowth!" -Robert