From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Back to Cinnabar Date: Sunday, April 25, 1999 10:31 AM > A few stores down, she halted once more. This time, the window had a beach > theme. Sand around the floor, some beachballs, and some hung up swimwear. > Maria blinked. " is a beach party." > > "Meowth!" > > The Rocket stepped around the display and went inside. > > TBC? While Maria browses the store for something that would suit her, Robert and Mithril-rama arrive at the Pokemon Center on the same Island, just a few blocks south. Robert immediately rushes over to the counter where Nurse Joy is reading a magazine. He tosses a Pokeball and a Safari Ball on to Nurse Joy's desk. "These need healing!" Nurse Joy is startled, "Oh! It looks like people are returning from Pokemon Island!" "Pokemon Island?" Robert asks, raising one eyebrow a little. Nurse Joy sits up in her chair and grabs the Pokeball and Safari Ball that Robert placed on her desk. "You didn't hear about it? It was a huge event where people went and took pictures of Pokemon... and from what's been on the news, there was a huge struggle between Team Rocket and an organization by the name of ATR, or Anti-Team Rocket!" Robert looks down and whines, "First we missed that Auction in Celadon City and now we missed this too?!" Mithril-rama smiles and runs her hand cross Robert's back, "I don't mind, Robert! Every time there's a bunch of people around, I end up saying less and less. I'm a little shy around strangers... like that Maria woman we just met." "Loosen up!" Robert returns Rilli's gentle caressing, "You have to be a little more open around people. No one's out to hurt you! I mean, not everyone we meet is a member of Team Rocket!" "Hmm." Mithril-rama just thinks about this, while Robert scurries off to a computer console. There he accesses his account and goes straight for E-Mail, having blocked out the horrors from the last few times he did this. "I've got mail!" Mithril-rama stays at a distance, not wanting to read what is on the screen... Robert clicks on the new E-Mail from Bill and reads it to himself: "Dear Friend, Your last letter was very short, and you didn't tell me anything that has happened to you! I'd love to hear an update on your progress just out of curiosity's sake. All your Pokemon are doing great! Cubone and Farfetch'd are very fun to work with. That Tauros, however... He's very destructive. I've had little luck controlling him! I'd really love to see my good old friend Charmeleon again. He hasn't been here since he was a Charmander! Your friend, Bill" Robert chuckles to himself, "I think Bill's better off not seeing Charmeleon just yet. The little guy was super friendly as a Charmander, but after he evolved... Sheesh. I think I'll keep him with me for a while longer, just until he learns how to behave. I wouldn't want Bill's green hair to catch on fire!" Mithril-rama sneaks up behind Robert, "Who are you talking to?" "Huh?" Robert looks behind him to find Rilli standing there, "Oh... I was talking to myself! I used to do it all the time before I met you. Now that you're around, I don't sound as crazy anymore!" Robert clicks on the Reply button on the screen and begins typing a letter of his own: "Dear Bill, Here's an update on what Mithril-rama (remember her?) and I have been doing. In Fuchsia City, I caught that Tauros that misbehaves and then earned my Soul Badge from the Gym Leader. What was his name? Pogo? I know it wasn't Toga... his sister almost killed me for calling him that! After that, we rode Slowbro all the way to the Seafoam Islands, where we found a cave. It took us a long time to get out of, but we did just recently! Tomorrow, I'm going to be challenging the Fire Gym Leader here on Cinnabar Island. Wish me good luck! I think Cubone should stay with you, but I'm starting to miss Farfetch'd. Sure, he can't fly, but he was the second Pokemon I ever caught, and I don't think he'll evolve until I train him myself. Hey, speaking of evolving, Geodude finally evolved into a Graveler! He was the one that helped me win in Fuchsia City! I don't think Charmeleon is ready to go back to your Lighthouse yet, but I'll send you Tauros, since I think he needs obedience training. -Robert" Robert stands up and walks over to the Pokemon Center's counter. "Are the Pokemon ready?" Nurse Joy smiles and nods, handing the Pokeball and the Safari Ball to Robert. "Good luck!" Robert walks back to the computer. He places Tauros' Safari Ball under a suction tube and types the necessary information for an electronic transfer of Pokemon into the computer. He then hits the "Send" button. The letter goes through, and the Safari Ball is sucked up. Mere seconds later, Farfetch'd's Pokeball ejects from the tube! Robert grabs it and places it on the fourth slot on his belt. He taps on all the Pokeballs resting there, reciting the names as he does so, "Haunter, Pikachu, Graveler, Farfetch'd, Slowbro, and Charmeleon! What a team!" Robert and Mithril-rama walk back to the counter. Robert inquires, "Say, Nurse Joy, is there going to be a party on the northern shore of Cinnabar tonight?" Nurse Joy nods, smiling, "We were hoping to get arrivals from Pokemon Island so we're throwing a party tonight! We do so every few days! It brings in tourism sometimes, since many people just love night time parties on the beach! Can't you hear the Tropical music? It's the All-Pokemon band that performs here!" Robert beams and Mithril-rama sighs, each expressing their own thoughts on the beach party. Without saying a word, Robert runs into the nearest Restroom in the Pokemon Center to change. Mithril-rama waits outside of the restroom for Robert to emerge, and when he does, he is wearing his black shirt, but instead of his usual long blue jeans, he is wearing half blue and half red swimming trunks with little pink Slowpokes on them. "Look, Rilli, it's the shorts I bought on the S. S. Anne that day we went in the jacuzzi together! They're my favorite! Why aren't you changing?" Mithril-rama sighs, "Okay, might as well. If you're mind is set on going, I should at least have some fun!" She walks into the restroom opposite to the one Robert went in to. Robert stares at the door, wondering what swimsuit she'll wear. In fact, back at the Cinnabar Beach Store, Maria is wondering what *she's* going to wear, glancing at the options available, and even trying some on so that Slasher can rate them! -Robert