From: Regulus <> Subject: [PW!] Battle Auras Ignite! The Ultimate Technique! Date: Monday, April 19, 1999 7:20 PM Sailor Pika wrote: > > She turned to Spec. "That was... Interesting. The idiot population of the > world's amusing at times." She grinned. > They began walking toward Celadon once again. > "Ka-CHU!" A blackened Pidgeotto fell to the ground in front of Kat. > "Chu-chu!! Do you know how to wait for an order before attacking something?" > She admonished him. Splash seemed to be snickering. > "Oh well.." She threw a Pokéball at the bird, catching it easily. She > transfered her Beedrill to the PC and entered the name Flapper for her > Pidgeotto. > "If anything else half-dead falls anywhere near me.. Oy." Spec sweatdropped. "Well....shall we head to Celadon, Kat-chan?" She nodded. <Charmander farting...and subsequently welding it's ass shut scene switch> Another battle, and a few hours later, the pair and their pokemon walked into Celadon. Skyscrapers and various businesses lined the roads, with numerous people walking in and out. Walking down a sidewalk, Spec blinked. "Oh YEAH....I almost forgot...." "What?" "Kat, I'm gonna be awhile....maybe you should go get that Pidgeotto healed up, ne?" She nodded. "Chu-chu, Splash, c'mon! And TRY not to blast anything..." The two Pokemon exchanged a glance, snickering quickly. Spec turned. Hm...that was funny....he heard a buzzing noise. Then there was a thud... Then Kat yelling something that little children shouldn't hear. He sweatdropped as a Pikachu went flying past him. He took off again, waving for Topsy and Scyther to catch up to him. They did, and he explained what they were going to do. "Okay, you two. It's time to train." <Mutating Bulbasaur biting Ash's leg off scene switch> Spec walked out of the building carrying a sack. The three walked out of town a ways into a quiet little forested area. Spec sat the bag down and pulled out a pair of items. "These...are TMs," he explained. "Specifically, both of these are TM15." He sat the boxes on the ground. "Both of you...touch one." Scyther and Topsy pikued, then shrugged, each of them leaning over and putting a blade on a box. And they started glowing. Both shut their eyes as the technique was forced into their brains, both learning how to execute the move perfectly. The TMs exploded. When the smoke cleared, Scyther and Topsy were standing there, glowing. "Well?" The two looked at each other, then back at Spec, and nodded. "Think you two can handle this city's Gym Leader?" He sweatdropped, remembering the little mishap that had happened last time he was here. Again, both Pokemon nodded. "Okay....then let's do it!" <"Thanks you for flying Fearow Airlines" scene switch> "ERIKA!" The spotlight fell on the battle arena. Erika stepped out of the shadows. She blinked, then blushed a bit as she recognized Spectre. "YOU! What're YOU doing back here?!" "Relax," Spec said, grinning, "I'm not gonna bust in on you taking a shower this time...I came here to FIGHT!" "Well'll be a three on three battle, understand?" "Yeah yeah, I know the drill." She nodded. "Okay then. Victreebel, I choose you!" From amidst the foliage surrounding the ring, the plant pokemon dropped. It growled lowly. "Okay...uh..." Spec blinked. He hated plant pokemon. "Topsy, cut that thing down to size!" "KabuuuTOPS!" Topsy jumped out into the ring, clashing her blades. Victreebel shot a pair of vines upward, wrapping around tree branches overhead. It swung back and forth menacingly. "Topsy, vanish!" Topsy glowed briefly and vanished with a phasing effect. "Ichi." Victreebel looked around slowly. Erika did likewise. "Ni." Low growling came from different places. "San." Erika looked at Spectre. "This is NOT fair!" "Shi." Spectre simply followed Topsy's movements, not answering. "Go. NOW!" Topsy reappeared bounding off a tree trunk. She slashed through Victreebel's vines, catching it offguard and forcing it to fall. "Treeeee!" Crash! "Victreebel, drain it's energy!" "BEL!" Victreebel flung out another appendage towards Topsy. It latched onto one of her chest plates and started draining her energy. "TOPS!" "Topsy, slash it off! QUICK!" He didn't need to tell her twice. Flailing her arms, she managed to slice off the life-sucking limb. "Topsy, turn it into a...a...SALAD!" Topsy grinned and lept around, slashing Victreebel quickly. It hopped around on the ground, yelping. Finally, Erika couldn't take it anymore. She called Victreebel back. "Damn it! Tangela, handle this!" Tangela blinked up at Kabutops. "TANGEL!" It shuffled off behind Erika, not wanting to fight something like that. Topsy smirked. "Topsy, come back...let Scyther finish it off." The Kabutops nodded and walked back. Scyther grinned and bounded onto the arena area. "Vileplume! GO!" "Plume plume!" Scyther sized his opponent up. Didn't look like it could move fast....was fairly small in comparison...yes. He could definately take it. "Scy scyther!" "Vile vileplume?" "SCYTHER!" Scyther didn't charge. Instead, he started glowing. Not his usual light green, but instead a bright purple hue. "Vileplume, Mega Drain it!" "Plume!" Vileplume held her arms out to the side. A small bubble popped out of the hole in the center of her flower. It grew in size and flew at Scyther... ...and seemingly flew right through him. It popped on the far wall. Erika and Vileplume both blinked. Scyther hadn't moved... No...he had. The small marks in the dirt proved it. It only looked like the bubble passed through him. In actuality, he moved so fast, the bubble not only avoided him, but he didn't appear to be moving period! [1] Scyther opened his eyes. His blade arms extended forward, then shot out to his sides. His mouth opened. A HUGE burst of energy flew out, looking much like fire. There was no way Vileplume could run away from the destruction path quick enough to escape the move. The blast engulfed the plant pokemon. It yelled out pleadingly to Erika. The Gym leader nodded quickly and sucked Vileplume back into her pokeball. "What the hell was that?!" Erika yelled, stomping into the arena. Scyther walked back as Spec hopped up and over to where Erika was. "Hyper Beam." He stated simply. "Gimme my Rainbowbadge." Erika nearly snarled. <"Iku ze, Vegita!" scene switch> Spec opened the Pokemon Center doors, smiling. Scyther and Topsy walked in after him, looking very pleased with themselves. Kat walked over. "Hey! Where were you?" "Beat Erika." She opened his trenchcoat, showing the badge. "How's that Pidgeotto?" ...TBC -- Reg [1] - Dragonball Z ref n.n