Subject: [PW!] [NC] Bottled Rockets (Continuation of Aerie's Curse) Date: 7 Apr 1999 14:34:02 GMT From: mobius101@aol.compactpika (Mobius101) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: Adrian Tymes wrote: >"Teleport? But I get upset sto-" > >They dissapeared one second before the explosive-mined field, on a time >delay to catch any intruders just as they thought they had escaped, blew >up in a cloud of flame. > Everything was bubbling and foaming beneath the crystalline surface. Maria ran her fingers along the strangely warm surface. This was a place of nightmares she'd hoped she would never have to revisit again. Yet here she and James had awoken, and there was no way out. She held on to James, trying her best to ignore the eerie sounds that groaned throughout the bottle and the weird shapes that sometimes seemed to stare through the bubbles on the other side of the glass. Instead she focused on the soft sound of James' breath on her ear, and the familiar blue of his hair. She tried not to think of where Meowth had vanished to or why Giovanni had not appeared for such a long time. Pressing close to James' warmth she merely hoped Seth had managed to escape. "Do you think Giovanni left us here to die?" It was the first time Maria had heard James speak in hours, and it ringed loudly through the bubble-like room. She pressed her cheek to his. "Maybe." "I wonder if we'll starve or suffocate first." Maria could hear the attempt at lightheartedness in his voice, but he wasn't quite pulling it off. He was holding her much too tightly now. "Nah. We'll probably die of thirst first." She heard him start sobbing. He really was quite a cry baby, but her usually cold heart melted at the noise. Instinctively she began to rock him back and forth.... "At least we won't die alone..." Maria blinked up at the ceiling, trying to hold back her own tears. "I was always afraid one of us would have a bad end in a mission and leave the other behind...." James sniffed. "I guess.....what I'm trying to say while I still can..." "I love you too." James murmured. Taken by surprise, Maria was silent. For as long as she'd known him, James had never actually spoken those words. Not since that night on the SS Anne. Now she didn't know what to say. As if he knew too well, James pulled back and ran his hand through the back of her long black hair. He dwelled a lifetime in those dark and troubled brown eyes. His own emerald eyes glimmered with sadness before he closed them and leaned forward to kiss her with all the passion he had left in his weary soul. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he also held Jessie, the memory of her kiss still burning. Praying for her and his son, James gave himself up to fate. *** Leaving the red sportscar behind, Jessie gazed up at Mt. Moon. She knew James was in there somewhere, probably driving Maria insane with his hysterics. The idiot could never handle stress, and whined until everyone else felt the same way. She only wished that she was there with him. Ahead on the trail, Seth was all over Aerie displaying the most disgusting lovesick puppy act Jessie had ever seen. She could appreciate young love as well as anyone, but given the circumstances, it was all she could do to keep herself from smacking the boy over the head with a paperfan. "Meowth.....whatcha thinkin' Jess?" Jessie looked down at 'Meowth', who was giving her a very curious look. "Nothing. What I'd like to know is what you were thinking going off after Aerie like that this morning. You two gave us a real scare." "Aw, you were really worried about Meowth, weren'tcha?" A vein popped out on Jessie's forehead. "No, I was worried you had gone and given us away you little fleabag!" 'Meowth' gave a little feline chuckle. "Sure." He continued to look at her with half-lidded almond eyes. "You're worried about James though, aren'tcha?" Jessie turned on the cat Pokemon furiously. "Would you just shut up!" "Oooo...hit a nerve." 'Meowth' grinned and put his arms behind his head as he walked. He closed his eyes. "Y'know, considerin' he's probably got his arms around Maria right now, I don't know why you should care....he's never done you any good, has he?" Jessie frowned and looked down at him. "What are you talking about?" "It's just a shame is've spent your entire life secretly yearnin' after 'im, and you know you'll never have him. Just a shame such a pretty and promisin' gal like yourself wasted time on him when you coulda amounted to so much more..... Such a shame." Jessie raised an eyebrow. "Meowth, have you been into the catnip again?" 'Meowth' slitted his eyes at her with a smile. "No. Just for your consideration." With that, he walked up ahead, leaving Jessie with those troubling thoughts. It wasn't as if she hadn't thought the same things many times before, but having them so bluntly stated left her feeling cold and empty. Behind her, Slasher padded up beside her. He looked up at her with concern. Then he set his frowning eyes on Meowth ahead. "Purrr......" *** His arm around Aerie and his head in the clouds, Seth hardly noticed when the air began to smell like sugar. But as they continued farther down the trail, the strong scent became unavoidable. Seth wrinkled his nose. "Whoa.....what's that?" Jessie sprung up the side of the brush off the trail. "Diet Coke. It isn't far now." The others followed her up into the thicker woods surrounding the base of the mountain. Seth noticed a pink blurs shooting around in the corner of his vision. Everytime her turned to look however, there was nothing there. He blew at the strand of hair that always fell in his face with irritation. "It's Clefairy..." Aerie whispered, taking his hand. "They're very curious, but they don't like to be seen." Jessie nodded. "They're attracted to the bottle." Slasher stalked along the ground, watching for the little pink Pokemon. Every once in awhile he would pounce a shrub or grassy area, only to be met with a quick flutter of wings or sometimes even a slap to the face. That didn't discourage the Persian though, as it continued with its little stalk and pounce game. So in this manner the band of Rockets hiked up to the mountain, moving though the dense forest and listening to the occasional faint cry of "Clefairyyyy..." Then at long last Jessie stopped at a rocky face and looked up the mountain. Her face was grave with knowing. She pointed up. "It's there." Slasher crouched and sprung up and over into cavern above, landing lightly on his paws. The others had to climb up into the hidden mountainside. Now there was not only a strong smell, but a droning hum as well. Once they had entered the cavern, they soon found the source. It was the most gigantic bottle of soda Seth and Aerie had ever seen. Flowing and swirling, the living soda was an awe inspiring sight to even the others who had all seen it before. Swallowing hard, Seth approached the bottle. "Be careful," Jessie warned. "That thing is unpredictable. If it sucks you in, you may not be able to get out again." Seth looked back. "Aunt Jessie, I don't think I have a choice." He reached out to the bottle. Aerie cringed. "Seth, I don't know if this is such a good idea..." Seth had stopped listening, fascinated by the movement of the soda. It was a rhythm he recognized somehow. He pressed his palms to the smooth surface. A sharp tingling sensation, not too unpleasant shot from his contact with the bottle throughout his body, exploding in his head. Everything encompassed and engulfed him as he lost himself in the flow. "SETH!" Aerie cried as they watched him glow with light as if he were going to transform, then disappear into the bottle itself. She ran forward and pounded on the glass, but it seemed to ignore her. 'Meowth' whistled. "Now that's something you don't see everyday." Jessie stepped forward. "I told him..." She muttered. Then she grabbed Aerie roughly by the arm. "C'mon, there's usually more than one way into this thing." *** Warmth and comfort surrounded him. Ebbing and flowing through him and around him, Seth felt at home. He didn't have eyes at the present, but he could see all kinds of colors. Even some that he didn't have names for. Content to drift in the liquid purity forever, Seth forgot everything he'd ever known. It didn't concern him, since he felt that being here was all that really mattered. It was as it should be.... #Seth.# #Leave me alone.# There was that voice again. Always there, always making him feel confused.....he wanted it to give him peace for once. #You can't stay here. The others need you.# #What others? This is my purpose....your purpose....let's just stay here.# #You don't even know what this is, do you?# #...No.# #This is the lifesource that all Pokemon originated from....where all Pokemon sprung from once this ship found Earth.# #Why leave? For what purpose?# #You must leave to find out.# #Mimic.....Father?# #Follow your heart and don't doubt what it tells you.# Then there was a rush that drowned out everything in Seth's mind. Almost painfully he found his limbs again as they reformed from the liquid. Thrashing about mindlessly, he kicked out as hard as he could. Until finally, the world around him shattered into a million shards of colored light. In an instant, Seth fell and impacted the hard floor of the Coke bottle. Sticky and wet, he coughed violently as he rolled over on the ground. Giving a glazed stare, he watched as the broken ceiling resealed, stopping the soda flow. With a groan, he pushed himself to his feet and looked around. Now he remembered where he was, but couldn't see a sign of anyone else. "Aerie! Aunt Jessie! Anyone!?" He called out, wandering down the seemingly endless corridor inside the Coke bottle. "Seth!" Practically leaping around, Seth found Meowth looking up at him. "Meowth! Where did you come from? Where are the others?" Meowth looked from side to side uncertainly. "I dunno, I turned a corner, but now it's gone.....Mimic brought me here, but now he's gone an' disappeared too." "Aerie, Aunt Jessie, and Slasher! Where are they!?" Meowth shrugged. "How should I know? I've been stuck in a cage up until now! Not that this is necessarily any better..." He gave a spooked look around himself. Seth blinked. "A cage?" He shook his head. "Nevermind, let's just find them!" He spun around and ran off at something nearing breakneck speed. "MEOWTH! Wait up, I'm not gonna get lost in here again!" Meowth sped after him. *** Meanwhile, Jessie and Aerie finally discovered the back entrance on the bottle. Jessie peered at it uneasily. "So, should we try it?" Aerie nodded, but she also seemed hesitant to touch it. Slasher growled at it. 'Meowth shook his head. "Really now, you know we don't have a choice." He batted a paw at the door, swinging it wide open. Inside was darkness. 'Meowth' scampered in, the others following him. *** After running and running, Seth began to tire. The corridor showed no sign of ending, and the other direction looked just as far away. With a sigh, he put his hands on his knees and sunk down. Meowth was hanging onto his back "Meowwwthh.....we're going to be trapped forever in this heck bottle!" "We can't.....Mom and Dad are in here somewhere, and I'm betting that Aerie, Aunt Jessie, and Slasher are too." Meowth slid to the floor. "But where?" Seth shook his head. He looked up. "Mimic?" There was no reply. Closing his eyes in despair, Seth leaned against the side of the bottle. Meowth looked over just in time to see Seth fall into nowhere. "MEOWTH! Don't do that!" He ran over, and found himself fading too. When he focused again, he saw that they were no longer in the corridor. It was a big round room with lights and a desk in the far corner. Beyond that, there was a door. Seth blinked. "Now where are we?" "Right where I want you." Eyes blazing, Seth set his eyes on Giovanni, who was standing in the corner. "Giovanni. Where's my parents!?" The leader of Team Rocket chuckled and crossed his arms. "All in good time. First, I feel like a friendly match." He drew a Pokeball from his coat pocket, expanding it with a click. Seth's blood boiled. "I'm not playing any of your games..." Giovanni retained his nonchalant grin. "Oh Seth, I thought I taught you better than that. Refuse me, and your parents die." He threw out his Pokeball, and a Nidoqueen rose up to face Seth. "Fight or be killed." Seth clenched his fist and ripped his shades off with his other hand. "You want a fight, you've got one." Tensing and falling back into a fighting position, he felt the surge of transformation glow through him. Not sure what form he'd taken, he began slashing away at the Nidoqueen. All was as before....except he felt far more excited than ever. As the Nidoqueen fought back, he called for more power, and was surprised as it came to him. He felt invincible. He tore away at the Nidoqueen more and more harshly, until it was screeching in pain. A small voice whispered a warning, but he ignored it. He hadn't really expected it, but found he enjoyed the power, and wanted to indulge in it even more. Transforming again, this time into a large Charizard, he smashed the Nidoqueen into a wall. "CHARRRR!!!" He leered at the fainted Pokemon, still tossing it around. Terrified, Meowth huddled in a corner. "Seth, snap outta it!" "STOP!" Giovanni barked, attempting to recall the fallen Nidoqueen. Seth turned on Giovanni in a blind rage. He bared his fangs and spread his wings. He didn't care whether he should or not, but he meant to teach the man to respect his power one way or another. Leaving all reason behind, Seth leapt at Giovanni, ready to rip him to pieces. 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