Subject: [PW!] Celadon ho! Date: 4 Apr 1999 23:21:50 GMT From: (Bandraptor) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: Nori's eyes slowly fluttered open. She was lying on a bed in, from the looks of things, one of the rooms in the Rocket Station. She sat up, her head still throbbing from whatever had knocked her out to begin with. She wondered what time it was... the room offered no windows, and she didn't have a watch. Nori swung her feet over the side of the bed, and almost stepped on Renee, who was asleep on the floor. "How sweet." Nori mumbled, realizing that Renee had not only brought her back to the room, but had even given her the only bed. Her second thought was to check, and make sure that Renee hadn't helped herself to some of her Pokemon in the process. Fortunately, there were still four pokeballs latched to the side of Nori's belt. Meowth, on the other hand, was nowhere to be found. After conducting a short search, Nori shrugged, and decided that it would come back when it got hungry enough. She shot a backwards glance toward Renee, and scurried out the door. Once outside, it became apparent to Nori that it was daytime again. She started down the road back to town, singing the Purin Song, and suddenly had a strange craving for prepackaged flan. "Aaaahh!" Nori snapped to attention, and found herself looking at a little boy, maybe six or seven years in age. "Huh." The boy stared at her wide-eyed, and shakily pointed an accusing finger. "You... you... you're with Team Rocket!!" Nori could've smacked herself. She'd completely forgotten about the uniform. "Listen, I--" The boy swung his backpack from his shoulders, and clutched it protectively against his chest. "You're not getting *my* pokemon!" "I don't WANT them! I'm not--" "Aaaaahhh!!!!" The boy tossed the bag down at her feet, and ran away. Nori blinked twice, wondering if she'd missed something. As she bent down to pick up the backpack, she couldn't help but laugh at the stupidity of the situation. All things considered, she made a damn good Rocket. "Wait a minute..." she grumbled, lifting through the backpack, "this is nothin' but school supplies! That kid..." she shook head, bunching up a copy of the kid's homework. The kid was a student, not a trainer. After a moment's thought, Nori decided she should return to the Rocket Station and change out of her uniform, before continuing to town. She wondered where her normal clothes had gone to... * * * Renee yawned, and got up, in time to see Nori preparing to leave. "Wazzallthat?" she slurred, pointing to the items that were laid out on her bed. "Stuff I might need," Nori replied. "Lessee... I've got food and water, some extra Potions, a Full Restore..." "You're really going to go after that Persian," Renee said, surprised. "Yup." Nori folded her Team Rocket Uniform, and laid that on the bed as well. "Good thing I've got a new backpack." She opened the top of the bag, and dumped its contents on the floor. Renee watched as a few papers fluttered to the ground, and recalled the days when; desperate to prepare for a trip, she'd used her school backpack as a suitcase. Nori noticed a zipper pouch on the front of the backpack, and decided that it would be perfect for storing some of her smaller items. "Hey..." she gasped, running her hand along the inside of the pouch, "Lookit this!" She grinned, and drew out a pokeball. "Kid wasn't lying after all." Renee looked at Nori quizzically, wondering what the girl had been up to while she was asleep. "Let's see what it is!" Nori cried, throwing the pokeball on the floor. There was a burst of light, and when it subsided, they saw a small, blue turtle standing before them. "Eek!" Nori squealed, "Isn't it cute!" The turtle looked around cautiously. "Wart?" "It's a Wartortle." Renee observed, sure that Nori was too busy admiring it to hear. "You're one lucky kid. If you train that thing, it'll evolve into a Blastoise." "It's so cyuute!" Nori repeated. "I'm going to give it a big hug!" And she did, too. :) "Yo!" Nori and Renee looked at each other in confusion, then down at the Wartortle. "Where's my Master?!?" "EEEEE!!!" Nori gushed, "It talks! That's even cuter!" The Wartortle glared at her, and drew back a fist. "Shut up! And answer my question!" "Oh, you're simply adorable." Nori replied. "I think I'll name you Rubix." She sucked Rubix back into its pokeball, and turned to Renee. "I'm going to continue on my Trainer's Quest, *and* look for Blizzard. After I get back to Saffron, I think I'll stop in Celadon, for another badge. Are you going to come?" TBC... -Beth "Ii kanji!"