From: PikaMew <> Subject: Re: [PW!] [ISLAND] Child of the Light Date: Saturday, April 17, 1999 11:19 AM (OOC: Ill try real hard not to screw this one up... ill even write the time i did this at the end.) > "Eat this" > > She pulled the trigger, and the Scyther smacked against the cafeteria wall. > Another Scyther was heading towards Meowth > > "Chiiicken Sooup?" > Car'tos got up, and put his mask back on as he was still eatting. He ajusited it a bit. "Ok!" He reached down to get Pinsir's ball. "Oh, crap!" He then remembered about Scyther. "Ah... NidoQueen, Goo!" The room flashed as the Poison Pokémon poped out. "You still haven't healed them!" Yell Maria, blasting at the wild Scyhters. "Ah.. return NidoQueen!" Car'tos put his wings aft, as he ran toward James on the ground. "Green Fire Blast!" He put his right hand out, and shot at the Scyther's legs. "Scy!!! Ther!" It yelled in pain as he jumped, hitting it's head on the roof, knocking itself out. Car'tos backed up, and felt someone elses back. He turned, and it was Maria. "Ha, Team Rocket! Back to Back!" Two more Scyhters entered, blades in the air. TBC? Time of Post...2:12 PM ---------------------------------------- "From the Skys to the Ground, Car'tos takes your Pokémon, and makes them Ours" "Damn them all to hell," began Christof, regular of AGNP. "C*per and friends can harass their moms or some f***** up s*** like that. I don't know what the hell their problem is anyway. Can't get any IRL or something?" -Christof "I feel sorry for you Simon! Getting shot twice in a few months!" -James -----------== Posted via Deja News, The Discussion Network ==---------- Search, Read, Discuss, or Start Your Own