From: TR Psyduck <trpsyduck@aol.comatose> Subject: Re: [PW!] Cinnabar Beach Party Date: Tuesday, April 27, 1999 2:55 AM >Seth's head whipped to face Slasher, the back of his wet hair flinging >droplets of water into Robert's and Rilli's faces. "What is it?" > >"Purr purrsian!" > >"You smell Doppler? HERE?!? Don't tell me he followed us..." > >All things considered, that was a really *bad* moment for Mimic, >directly between Seth and Slasher, to transform into a copy of Slasher. > >"Oh'T!" Seth launched himself at Mimic before the Ditto >could get close enough to Slasher to cause harm. > "Purrsian!" Slasher held pause at the edge of the water. This was dangerous, but he knew jumping in at this point could possibly cause Seth greater harm than good. Seth fell onto Mimic, pushing the Ditto into the water. Taken off guard, Mimic sputtered in the sea water. Seth held him down. "I don't know if you followed us all the way here...or if you're from this universe. But either way, I intend to make you suffer as much as you made me and Aerie suffer!!!" Rage building up inside of him, Seth raised his fist and slammed it straight down into Mimic's back. And through his back. With a grimace, Seth quickly drew it back out again. "Ewww..." Next thing he knew, he was somehow flung out of the water and across the beach. Seth crashed into a table, and almost lost his senses. Putting both hands to his head, he opened his eyes blurrily. There was an upside down Tauros charging at him. There was an upside down Tauros charging at him!?!? "PURR!" Slasher hissed urgently from further down the beach. "AAAAHH!!" Green eyes flashed open wide. He was coming so fast! Seth handvaulted and shot straight into the air. He came down again with a hard jolt. The ground beneath him wouldn't stop moving.....then he realized he was holding on for dear life atop the Tauros. It was like a rodeo! Seth seized the horns tightly and squeezed. Concentrating, the familiar shimmer came over his body. Suddenly the Ditto found a rather heavy Rhydon sitting on top of him! The weight was too much for Mimic, and he was nearly crushed under the weight. Taken by surprise, but determined to get to the bottom of this, Mimic transformed once again, this time into a Starmie. Water gushed out of his body, and Seth cried out in pain. Stumbling back, Seth tranformed back to normal, glaring at Mimic. His chest was heaving with effort. "This time, I should kill you...." Mimic narrowed his eyes....or he would have if he'd had any at the time. Whoever the stranger was, it looked suspiciously like James of Team Rocket. But as a Ditto, he was observant enough to tell the difference. He transformed again, this time into James, looking for a reaction. He got one. "Don't MOCK me!" Seth growled, and made it clear he intended to introduce Mimic to his fist again. This time, Mimic caught it, and slid his foot back across the sand, under the force of the blow. In return, he pushed it back hard enough to land Seth back onto the sand. Slasher looked around in confusion. At first the fight had startled the people around them, but with all the scattered Pokemon battles along the beach, most were now ignoring them. Then something sparked between the two. Mimic glowed, and tranformed into his Ditto form. Almost instantly Seth followed suit. What followed was a sound like "Dit, Dit, Dit..." And a sequence of back and forth glowing. Slasher watched in bewilderment. It finally dawned on him that they had instinctively fallen into a Ditto deathtrap: They would transform into each other until each expired. It was a ridiculous concept, especially since neither was limited to on-site tranformation. But some instincts die hard it appeared. With a yowl, Slasher sprung between the two. "Purrrsian!!!" Thankfully, the interruption was enough to break the sequence. With a shudder, Seth transformed back to normal, and Mimic transformed into a mirror image. Both eyed each other suspiciously. "Mimic want know who Ditto be. Mimic know Ditto not be Doppler." Seth blinked. "Mimic?" He shifted his eyes over at Slasher in question. "Purrr?" Slasher looked just as confused. Seth frowned back at Mimic. "You're not Doppler?" Mimic gave Seth the same frown. "Mimic not brother. Mimic is Mimic, that Mimic know. Who strange Ditto be?" He demanded once more. Seth attempted to reach out, he had to know for sure. But Mimic would not allow him to get close enough to touch. Seth shook his head. "I don't know if that's such a good idea. How do I know you're not Doppler?" Mimic noticed his hand still trying to touch him. His mouth twisted reluctantly knowing what he wanted to do. But it appeared this was the one he'd been searching for. Maybe they could both get some answers... "Proof. Touch Mimic then. Try hurt Mimic again...." Seth heard his own voice drop to a threatening tone. Hesitantly, Mimic put out his hand. Seth reached out and clasped it. Suddenly there was a flow between them, and in a single instant, Seth knew all he needed to know. With a sigh of relief, Seth gripped his hand tighter. "I'm sorry about that." Mimic was just staring at him. TBC? ~Maria R "Psy yie yie..." ------------------------- Tha webber: ----------- "Taking Pokemon straight from your pockets, With the power of the stars, it's Maria Rocket!" -My corny PW! motto ^.^; ------ TEOTWAWKI