From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Cinnabar Beach Party Date: Tuesday, April 27, 1999 1:17 PM > "Nevermind, I'm just not letting you out of my sight for the rest of the night, > understand?" Maria was shaking all over. > > "Psy yie duck." James shrugged and continued eating. > > Maria eyed the Pokeballs on the table. "Hmmm...." Then she looked up into the > face of a very stern looking Electrabuzz. Maria grimaced. "This is going to > be a long night." Mithril-rama's Electabuzz is walking back and forth like a solider, patrolling the area faithful to his trainer's order. Maria cringes when she thinks about the damage that the giant yellow monster can inflict if he sees her stealing the Pokeballs on the table. She eyes Robert's belt... it is so carelessly scattered on the table, that it would be easy to nab it if the Electabuzz gets distracted. "That's it!" Maria cries out... She lowers her voice... "A distraction..." Slasher understands and runs up to Electabuzz. He nussles up against his leg. "Meeeowth..." Electabuzz glares down at the kitty cat Pokemon and gets his fist ready... Strangely, Slasher's own little charm begins to spark, showing that he has an equally as powerful, if not more powerful, Thunder attack. Soon, they are both bickering, Electabuzz doing most of the yelling, "Brubreablearab!" He stomps around madly, trying to scare Slasher away! Maria tiptoes up to the table and begins to slide Robert's belt, three Pokeballs attached, off the table. "Hey, Maria!" Robert pops up behind her! She drops the belt on the table and hides her hands behind her back! "Hi!" Maria smiles nervously, sweatdropping, "What do you want, Robert?" Robert looks around casually, "Well, I'd like to say thanks...for kicking that weird Psyduck away! I think it was about to attack me with one of his psychokinetic powers... It's nice to have another good friend you can trust..." "Yeah, well...It was nothing. I think you should go check out the roast pork... It's being cooked right now! Aren't you hungry?" Maria wants Robert to leave her alone so that she can get back to the business of stealing his Pokemon... "Yeah... let me just get my shirt!" Robert reaches for his black shirt, and works his way into it. "I felt really awkward going around half naked like that... and I even felt more incomplete without my Badges!" He rubs the four Badges on his shirt to display them for Maria. The Cascade, Boulder, Rainbow, and Soul Badges glimmer in the artificial light. "Oh yeah, and I'd better take this too!" He pulls his belt, all three Pokeballs still on it, off the table and fastens it around his waist. "Can't be too safe when there's so many people around. If I were you, I'd watch out for Pokemon thieves!" Maria chuckles politely, "Don't worry about me. Run along and find some food! I'll keep an eye on your girlfriend's purse!" Maria sits down at the table and focuses her sights on the shimmering blue purse. "Thanks again!" Robert smiles, "I'll be sure to stay out of the way of evil Psyducks! Now, where did Rilli run off to? I wonder if she's found some food for me..." Robert stumbles away from the scene, not paying much attention to the quarrel between Electabuzz and Slasher, which had broken out into a full fledged Pokemon battle! He walks towards the fire at the far end of the beach. Surely enough, Mithril-rama stands there in her modest blue bikini, the warm fire light bathing her in shades of red and orange. Robert sneaks up behind her, "Guess who!" Rilli turns around quickly, surprised to see Robert, "There you are, Robert! The pork's almost finished. Just a few more minutes of roasting, and then we can serve ourselves!" "Let's wait here, then. Don't worry, Maria's taking care of your purse!" Robert smiles and holds her hand... -Robert