From: Otaku67 <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Cinnabar Beach Party Date: Tuesday, April 27, 1999 2:03 PM > >Mithril-rama's Electabuzz is walking back and forth like a solider, >patrolling the >area faithful to his trainer's order. Maria cringes when she thinks about the >damage that the giant yellow monster can inflict if he sees her stealing the >Pokeballs on the table. She eyes Robert's belt... it is so carelessly >scattered on >the table, that it would be easy to nab it if the Electabuzz gets distracted. >"That's it!" Maria cries out... She lowers her voice... "A distraction..." > >Slasher understands and runs up to Electabuzz. He nussles up against his leg. >"Meeeowth..." > >Electabuzz glares down at the kitty cat Pokemon and gets his fist ready... >Strangely, Slasher's own little charm begins to spark, showing that he has an >equally as powerful, if not more powerful, Thunder attack. Soon, they are >both >bickering, Electabuzz doing most of the yelling, "Brubreablearab!" He stomps >around >madly, trying to scare Slasher away! > >Maria tiptoes up to the table and begins to slide Robert's belt, three >Pokeballs >attached, off the table. > >"Hey, Maria!" Robert pops up behind her! She drops the belt on the table and >hides >her hands behind her back! > >"Hi!" Maria smiles nervously, sweatdropping, "What do you want, Robert?" > >Robert looks around casually, "Well, I'd like to say thanks...for kicking >that >weird Psyduck away! I think it was about to attack me with one of his >psychokinetic >powers... It's nice to have another good friend you can trust..." > >"Yeah, well...It was nothing. I think you should go check out the roast >pork... >It's being cooked right now! Aren't you hungry?" Maria wants Robert to leave >her >alone so that she can get back to the business of stealing his Pokemon... > >"Yeah... let me just get my shirt!" Robert reaches for his black shirt, and >works >his way into it. "I felt really awkward going around half naked like that... >and I >even felt more incomplete without my Badges!" He rubs the four Badges on his >shirt >to display them for Maria. The Cascade, Boulder, Rainbow, and Soul Badges >glimmer >in the artificial light. "Oh yeah, and I'd better take this too!" He pulls >his >belt, all three Pokeballs still on it, off the table and fastens it around >his >waist. "Can't be too safe when there's so many people around. If I were you, >I'd >watch out for Pokemon thieves!" > >Maria chuckles politely, "Don't worry about me. Run along and find some food! >I'll >keep an eye on your girlfriend's purse!" Maria sits down at the table and >focuses >her sights on the shimmering blue purse. > >"Thanks again!" Robert smiles, "I'll be sure to stay out of the way of evil >Psyducks! Now, where did Rilli run off to? I wonder if she's found some food >for >me..." Robert stumbles away from the scene, not paying much attention to the >quarrel between Electabuzz and Slasher, which had broken out into a full >fledged >Pokemon battle! He walks towards the fire at the far end of the beach. Surely >enough, Mithril-rama stands there in her modest blue bikini, the warm fire >light >bathing her in shades of red and orange. Robert sneaks up behind her, "Guess >who!" > >Rilli turns around quickly, surprised to see Robert, "There you are, Robert! >The >pork's almost finished. Just a few more minutes of roasting, and then we can >serve >ourselves!" > >"Let's wait here, then. Don't worry, Maria's taking care of your purse!" >Robert >smiles and holds her hand... > Tenchi, who had been quiet all this time, finnaly decided to speak up. "Excuse me Maria, if you dont mind, put down the purse. I know your a rocket, and would hate to see you hurt or in jail." He released Starbright to show he meant what he said. Maria grumbled something Tenchi chose to ignore, and gave her a gentle hug. "Ya know Maria, i could set you up, so you dont have to be a part of Team Rocket. I heard from an anynomus tipster that you were banned from the pokemon leauge. I can make it so you can get back in." "Yeah, how?" Maria eyed Tenchi suspiciously, ready to sock him one of he hugged her again. "I can get you a fake I.D. And its a free service to a lovely lady like yourself" Tenchi waited as Maria pondered this. TBC -otaku67 "dejavu strikes when you least expect it. and it packs one helluva punch"- me "Im Tenchi Inverse so prepare to fight, But im not in Team Rocket, alright?" -my PW! char's corny line Denounce Goddish! Praise Charizatan!