From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Cinnabar Beach Party Date: Tuesday, April 27, 1999 10:22 PM Goola2u wrote: > > >Mimic was just staring at him. > > > > Suddenly, a flow of emerald oozed over to the two. "Hey!" shouted Silly Putty. > "It's Dittopalooza! Sorry I'm late! So, who's everyone?" > > Introductions were exchanged, and the three Dittoes had a good conversation on > what was going on, given he abscence of bad guys. Suddenly, Silly Putty began > to bounce all over the place, in a VERY Flubberish manner. > > "Silly Putty okay?" asked Mimic one Silly had landed again. > > "Yeah," said Silly. "NEVER blend into the punch in these places. WOO!" Mimic shrugged, then looked again at Seth. "And you...Mimic's..." The concept was almost too incredible to believe, yet the proof was in Seth's mind. There was no denying the evidence of Seth's memories, willingly laid out for Mimic like a book during their bond. Seth nodded. "I think, for now, we might want to keep it a secret. I mean, almost no one knows about the fu- err, where I come from, I mean. And, for all I know, this place will be that, someday." "Mimic see point, go along for now. Is anyone Seth particularly worried about?" Just then, a giant Venusaur started whipping up chaos in a far corner of the party, and soon transformed into a Staryu to fend off flame attacks. "Hmm...according to my histo- err, according to my sources, there's only one pokemon that large who causes trouble like that these days: Doppler. I'd say he qualifies." Mimic sighed. "Right. Doppler at it again. Mimic hope Doppler get better..." "WHEE!" Silly Putty was still blobbing around, formless and drunk. Mimic sweatdropped. "Silly Putty no take form? People no as comfortable if know unusual nearby. That why Mimic almost never be just Ditto. People stare here if Doppler no acting up..." "Then let's give 'em something to stare at!" Seth snatched Silly Putty as he passed, then chucked the green Ditto at Doppler's jewel. "Silly Putty, I choose you!" Mimic looked askance at Seth for a moment, but the grin on Seth's face told Mimic he was just joking. Both of them doubted that Silly Putty would prove inept enough to be seriously harmed. TBC? > Shard Fields, who wonders where Doppler is, anyways. He's missing the party. > :) Ask, and ye may receive... ^_-