From: Mobius101 <mobius101@aol.compactpika> Subject: Re: [PW!] Cinnabar Beach Party Date: Friday, April 30, 1999 8:34 AM >Dreadite looked perplexed when he felt his second ball thrust back into >his hand. Bringing it up, he saw two balls open and jammed together, >each one trying to absorb the other's contents. When he overcame his >suprise, the trio were gone. Looking up and down the beach, he thought >he saw two Meowths and a Persian form a marching band [1] further up the >beach, but paid them no mind. Mimic could not become two independent >pokemon; Doppler had personally tried to get him to do so, with no >sucess. > >Then he noticed that James, too, was nowhere to be seen. > >*Then* he noticed five copies of himself near an entrance to the party >collapse into one green puddle. > >"I'm surrounded by Dittos." And that Persian looked like the one he had >just seen... > >Nearby, a Mew - a *real* Mew - watched from the shadows. > "Mewww....." It's deceptively cute blue eyes watched Dreadite turn away, then looked out to where the two Meowth and the Persian were headed. "So. I've caught up with you again Mimic....but who is your strange new friend?" It tilted it's head at an angle. Floating around, it spotted Maria trudging back up the beach, having given up looking for Jessie and James. The Mew's glowing blue eyes narrowed. "Ah, so you're here too. It seems you and Mimic are never too far apart..." It grimaced. "No matter, all the more convenient for me to crush the both of you as I see fit." It rose up into the air and flitted off. "But I must satisfy my curiousity first." Further down the beach, Seth transformed back into himself. He searched the crowd. "I don't see him anymore." He turned back to see a Meowth collapsed on the sands. "Mimic?" Slasher looked down at Mimic. "Purrsian?" He nudged him with his nose, but the Meowth didn't move. Seth kneeled down and picked up Mimic. "Are you okay?" As soon as he said it, Mimic opened his eyes. They darted about in confusion. "Mimic.....fine." He frowned and shook his head. "Must be Doppler still in area or something. Mimic be fine." Despite his words, Seth noted the troubled look on Mimic's face. After Seth put him down, Mimic reformed into a trainer he had spotted leaving the beach. Rubbing his head, he looked around the beach with piercing grey eyes. "Mimic feel like being watched....." "Dreadite? Where?" Seth morphed himself into his regular Team Rocket uniform. Slipping on his shades, he crossed his arms to cover the 'R'. "I don't see him now..." "Not Dreadite. This feel....different." Then Mimic glanced at Seth's uniform and made a face. "Seth still feel need to wear that after what Team Rocket did to Seth?" Seth shrugged his shoulders. "It's who I am." Mimic just nodded. Still looking around the beach, he spotted Maria walking in their direction. He grabbed Seth's arm. "Maria coming back!" Immediately, Seth transformed back into a Meowth and hid behind Slasher. Mimic froze as Maria walked by.....and then for some reason she stopped and looked straight over at him. Mimic pretended to just see her, and waved nervously. Blinking, she took a few steps towards him, then stopped. Giving Mimic a strange look, she turned and continued down the beach. When she had finally passed, Mimic realized he'd been holding his breath. He let it out and looked over at Seth, who transformed to his former state. "Close call." "Sheesh, it's a wonder I was conceived at all..." Seth noted, as they walked up the beach. "Y'know...I still don't know why-" Just then, a Growlithe jumped in their path. It's eyes glowed an eerie blue. "Hello. Just where are you off to on such a nice evening?" "Mew." Mimic halted in his tracks. "Mimic suspected as much. What want now?" Seth looked the Growlithe over doubtfully. "Mew? A real Mew?" The Growlithe shifted it's eyes over at Seth. "Yes. But are you real?" Seth could feel the eyes searching his mind, and he pulled away, mentally and physically. "Stop that!" Seth shouted. Mew purred, which looked pretty strange coming from a Growlithe. "How unusual....a halfbreed." It gave a sinister smile. "Mew should keep nose out of where it don't belong," Mimic grumbled. "Oh, how unexpectly sweet..." Mew chuckled. "To think that the key to making that fool Rocket bend to my will lies in making you suffer....imagine that." Mimic frowned. "Mew definitely have brain on fryer. Maria doesn't even know we exist." Mew slitted its eyes at them. "No? She seemed very much aware of you just a moment ago." It absently sniffed at the ocean winds. "As you once suspected...the human mind is capable of more than most can imagine. What lies deep within is not always perceivable by the mind on the surface. And in the strongest of bonds, the pain of one is the pain of the other." Mew flashed sharp teeth at them. Seth peered at Mew from over his shades. "O...kay." Mimic closed his eyes and shook. "Mew is crazy, pure and simple. Has gotten far worse than last meet. Insane ideas won't work." "I will find a way...." Mew glared at Mimic and then at Seth. "Somehow.....I will. I will make that insufferable Rocket fall to me, as will all of you. And the entire world shall pay for its crimes." "You remind me of Doppler...or Giovanni," Seth slid his shades up on his head. "Can't you just get a nice hobby other than world domination?" "Halfbreed, you have the most unfortunate luck of being the child of two beings I'd like to crush into utter submission." Mew sneered. "Stay out of the way....and there may be hope for you." "Aw, why are we listening to you for? You just look like a silly talking puppy to me," Seth laughed, drawing stares from Mimic and Slasher. He was really asking for trouble. "I thought Mew was a little kitty Pokemon." "I'm not stupid enough to allow a Ditto to see my true self and take on my power," Mew growled. "When I take my final blow, in all likelyhood, you'll never see it coming." And it vanished in a a static flash. Seth felt dizzy. "Did I just talk to...?" "Yes," Mimic nodded. "I thought so." Seth ran his hands back through his blue hair, looking very stressed. TBC? ~Maria R "Psy yie yie..." ------------------------- Tha webber: ----------- "Taking Pokemon straight from your pockets, With the power of the stars, it's Maria Rocket!" -My corny PW! motto ^.^; ------ TEOTWAWKI