From: Otaku67 <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Cinnabar Beach Party Date: Friday, April 30, 1999 9:13 PM > >Robert's eyes wander down Maria's crossed legs, all the way to her feet half >buried in the sand. Noticing what he's doing, he quickly turns his gaze back >towards her face, his eyes still teary. "Yeah..." He sniffs a few times, then >begins blurting out the whole story, "I was standing here with three of my >Pokeballs, and they suddenly disappeared! Rilli thought you were the one who >did >it, but I told her that it was impossible!" > >"Yeah?" Maria turns her face slightly away for a moment to smirk, then goes >back >to paying attention... > >Robert continues rambling away in his sadness, "Those were some of my best >Pokemon >that were stolen! I caught Graveler when he was just a Geodude in Mt. Moon... >The >first time I met Sarah Jane, Damian, Kat, Jon, and Nori... Oh, I miss those >guys. >I'm surprised I even remember their names! I sat on Geodude, thinking he was >a >rock, and quickly got to work on catching him! It was a clean catch... and >he's >one of my most loyal Pokemon! He even Self Destruct himself once on this very >Island's Pokemon center to thwart the likes of Team Rocket!" > >"You don't like Team Rocket?" Maria asks casually... > >"No." Robert declares bluntly, "I used to not care either way for them... but >they >keep getting in the way of my progress! I'm sure it was a Team Rocket member >that >stole my Pokeballs! It HAD to be! Who else?" > >Maria shrugs and sees that his tears are starting up again, "I dunno. >Probably. I >haven't seen 'em around." > >"Well, I didn't just lose Graveler!" Robert sighs, recalling his other >losses, "I >also lost the Pikachu I caught in the Viridian Forest... She's really mean to >me >most of the time, but she's been changing. I don't know why, but she's >getting >used to me and doesn't mind doing what I tell her to... Or rather, she did... >before... before..." Robert chokes up. > >Maria remembers that all the Pokemon she has ever stolen have their own >stories, >and that the trainers feel deep remorse after they are gone. Perhaps this >would >stop her from doing it? Nah! She looks at him, "What else did you lose?" > >"Charmeleon!" Robert cries, tears flowing, "I never even got him to obey me! >I'm >such a bad trainer!" He collapses his face into his hands, and cries openly, >noticing that all his plans for the future of his Pokemon are ended. All is >hopeless. All that remains are memories. This feeling makes him sadder than >ever, >realizing that his Pokemon are forever lost. > >Maria frowns and bites her lip, not sure how to respond to the weeping young >man. >She reaches out and pats him a few times on his back. Quite >unenthusiastically, >she mutters, "There there..." > >"They're all gone!" Robert wails out, "All three of them! I'll never see them >again!" > >Maria continues to pat him on the back, "There will be other Pokemon..." > >Robert sits hunched over, his hands covering his face. He cries and cries, >until >he hears a familiar voice... > >"Blearbreablebreblearb!!!" Electabuzz storms into the area, glaring at Maria. >"Breablab!" > >Robert slowly looks up, fresh wet tears resting on both of his cheeks. The >light >from the dying embers of the once blaring fire making the tears sparkle in >the >redness. "Electabuzz? Aren't you supposed to be guarding Rilli's stuff?" > >Electabuzz extends his fuzzy yellow fist and opens it up, revealing three >shrunken >Pokeballs. "Brublearb." > >Robert's hands dart up to his face, and rub the tears away. He grabs the >three >Pokeballs and sniffs them. "YES! These are the Pokeballs!" Knowing them by >sheer >smell alone, he quickly plugs them into their appropriate places on his belt. >"Oh, >Electabuzz! How did you know...?" He looks up at the Electabuzz, who is being >nonchalant. Robert snaps his fingers, "I know! Rilli must've told you, huh?! >Thanks, big guy!" Robert jumps up to his feet and hugs Electabuzz, who sends >out a >mild Thundershock, since he's not the most huggable Pokemon in the world! > >Meanwhile, Maria sees Slasher off in the distance, all scratched up. She >whispers >to herself, "Slasher?" She squints her eyes in the darkness to see that he >glowering at the Electabuzz. "Wait... does that mean that he had the...?" She >looks up at the three Pokeballs once again hanging on Robert's belt. "He had >them >all along?" > >Robert looks over at Maria, still sitting cross-legged. "What was that, >Maria?" > >"Oh, nothing..." Maria ponders on whether to try to steal the Pokeballs >again, but >finds it hard after hearing Robert's stories and seeing how sad he was. She >smiles >insincerely, "I'm glad to see that you have your Pokeballs back." > >Robert beams joyously, "Yeah! It's wonderful, isn't it? I'm going to be >keeping a >close watch on them the rest of the evening!" With that said, he pulls >Slowbro's >Pokeball out of his pocket. Robert looks down at the pink Pokemon and sees >that he >is sleeping, and so is his attached Shellder. Robert recalls the Pokemon into >his >Pokeball. He latches the Pokeball right next to Charmeleon's on his belt. "I >wonder where Haunter and Farfetch'd ran off to..." > >Back at the pillaged refreshments table, Robert's Farfetch'd and >Mithril-rama's >Doduo, Deimos, had shared an entire punch bowl of fruit punch to drown down >the >sausages and sandwiches they had earlier. Now they sit together, sharing a >very >slurred conversation. Farfetch'd laughs out loud, "Far Farfetch'd! FETCH'D! >FAR! >...fetch'd?" > >"Doh Doh Doh Doh Doh Doh Doh!" One of Deimos' heads squawked away, while the >other >one stays quiet, looking around nervously... He whispers in utter paranoia, >"duo?" > >James the Psyduck waddles up to the group, and frowns when he sees all the >food >and drinks have been consumed. "Psy yie yie!" He grabs his head in pain, and >tries >to join in with the conversation. "Psy Psyduck Psy?" > >"far.. farf... FETCH'D! FARF! ...farf." Farfetch'd hiccups and drops the twig >held >in his beak. > >"DODO!" One of Deimos' heads lunges out for the stick, but the rest of his >body >doesn't cooperate, forming quite a spectacle... The head continues to try to >reach >for the fallen twig, failing miserably... "DODO!" ... "duo..." > >"Psy duck?" James looks at the two Pokemon, aware that they are horribly >drunk. He >tilts his head, "Psy yie yie!" > Tenchi had been singing sea chantys with Sammy, who was passed out once again on the beach. He wandered over to a table with some food, and picked up a Psyduck, thinking it was a bananna. "PSY-DUCK!" Tenchi cleared his eyes, and ralized he was holding a Psyduck. He dropped it back on the ground, and wandered down the beach some more, ocaiously kicking sand in peoples faces without realizing it. Tenchi bumped into a guy acidently and asked him "hey buddy. Ya wannaz trade pokemons?" Robert looked up at Tenchi wearily. It ussualy wasent a good idea to try to trade with drunks. But he fiqured it was worth a shot. "Yeah, maybe. What do you have?" "Well, leeme have a little look-hic-see." Tenchi took out some pokeballs, and tosed them on the ground. "Oh yeah, i got a Nineytails, a Dragoniblair, a Psysuck, a silver Butteryfly from that poke island thing, a pink Wiggle thingy and Nidoking-kongy..wongy dooby do. Do yas wanna trade?" TBC -otaku67 "dejavu strikes when you least expect it. and it packs one helluva punch" Denounce Goddish! Praise Charizatan!