From: Oiph <oiph@aol.complacent> Subject: [PW!] Crocodile Hunter in Search of Pikachu Date: Monday, April 12, 1999 4:04 PM Last time, CH and Becky had a false run-in with a Magnemite. Now a loud rumble and blur of yellow approaches their EMP bait. "Uh oh...." Becky sighs. "Looks like the infamous Pikachu herd!!!" Cos was absurdly excited. "These lil buggers have been wandering around the Viridian Forest for sum time now. Looks like the herd is movin' on. And 'ere they are at our Power Plant!!!" The Pikachus chanted, "...pika....pika...pika..." "Note the sparks that fly between each Pikachu. This is another mode of communication for the rodents. Their small size makes Pikachu one of the most popular PokeMon pets! But these little rascals can pump out some deadly wattage! So don't hold them too tight!" Becky runs screaming into the Power Plant. Cos stares blindly into the oncoming herd. They approach and make a circle around the electro-magnetic pulse bait machine. "Pikachu are very volatile animals! Some are moody and live like a hermit. Others like to travel in herds. But there is always a dominant Pikachu in the group, usually the largest!!! I am going to observe this Pikachu closer!!!" Cos walks to the herd collected. He pauses for a moment.... and dives overtop the wall of yellow into the middle. The Pikachu's squeal and Cos grabs the huge central Pikachu atop the EMP machine. CH holds it above his head and observes the size. The large Pikachu begins to hum... "Pikaaaaaa............ CHUUUUU!!!!" A huge thunderbolt strikes Cos. He freezes and holds onto the Pikachu. "These little buggas sure do pack a punch!" CH smiles. The herd opens in a chorus of thunderbolts upon Cos. TBC! -Peter Hassett, who is debating whether the present-tense narrative choice was a good idea. Quethiril? RandomTask - The bird you cannot change. ========================= Random@Pikachu.Org UIN: 9481571