Subject: Re: [PW!][PKMN-AUCTION] Dan wins some new Pokémon Date: 5 Apr 1999 23:34:40 GMT From: tiger1129@aol.comSaint (Tiger1129) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: > > The actual auction was starting, so Dan decided to go over and try to get >some new Pokemon. As he walked over, a Charmander was just auctioned off. >"Darn! I missed my chance," Dan said. He was hoping to get a good Pokemon >while >he was here, like Charmander or Squirtle, two Pokemon he had never caught. > "Next up, these two Eevees!" the auctioneer said. Eevee was one of Dan's >favorite Pokemon. "I've got to get those Eevees," he said. Everyone watched >as >two small, scared Eevees were led out from a large group of them. "Let the >bidding begin at $500!" "$500!" someone shouted. "$600!" "$1000!" "$1500!" >"$2000!" > "Any more bids?" the auctioneer asked. Dan couldn't miss those Eevees. >"$5000!" he shouted. "Any more? Going once, going twice, Sold!" Dan ran up to >get the Eevees. > "Here you go," a man said as he handed Dan the Eevees. "And here are their >Pokéballs." He handed Dan two Pokéballs. He was about to walk off with the >Eevees when he heard something that froze him in his tracks. > "Next, this fine Squirtle!" Dan gasped. He had missed out on the >Charmander, >but he was determined not to miss the Squirtle. > "The bidding will start at $100!" the auctioneer said. "$100!" a bidder >shouted. "$500!" Dan said. "$700!" "$1000!" "$1500!" "$2000!" "Any more >bids?... Going once, going twice, sold!" > "All right!" Dan said as he went up to claim his new Squirtle. "You again?" >the man said, laughing. "Here you go." He handed Dan the Squirtle, inside its >Pokéball. He called Squirtle out and put the Pokéball in his backpack. > Dan walked away from the auctioning area, with his new Eevees, Vaporeon, >and >his new Squirtle next to him. > He walked up to a Pokémon food booth and bought food for the new Pokémon. >He >sat on a bench and started feeding his Eevees and Squirtle. Vaporeon looked a >little hungry, so he was given some food too. > Jake looked at the kid sitting on the bench surronded by his pokemon. Jake quickly ran to the crowded pokecenter, and exchange a few of his pokemon His team now consisted of Daffy: Farfetch'd Sawtooth:Aerodactyl Leviathan: Lapras Reaper:Scyther Talon: Fearow Pyro: Ponyta he ran back to challenge the kid on the bench. "hey do you want to fight?" (Hey Dan interact with my char) TBC The Saint