Subject: Re: [PW!][PKMN-AUCTION] Dan wins some new Pokémon Date: 6 Apr 1999 01:13:30 GMT From: (Kirb9701) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: >>Jake looked at the kid sitting on the bench surronded by his pokemon. Jake >>quickly ran to the crowded pokecenter, and exchange a few of his pokemon >>His team now consisted of >> >>Daffy: Farfetch'd >>Sawtooth:Aerodactyl >>Leviathan: Lapras >>Reaper:Scyther >>Talon: Fearow >>Pyro: Ponyta >> >>he ran back to challenge the kid on the bench. >> >>"hey do you want to fight?" > >Dan looked up and saw a person talking to him. "Sure, I'll fight. We'll have >a >2 vs. 2 match." Dan called the Eevees and Squirtle into their Pokéballs so >they'd be safe during the battle. "Go Vaporeon!" > Dan's Vaporeon leaped forward. The other sent out a Fearow. "Vaporeon, Bite!" Dan yelled. "Talon, fly up high!" the challenger said. Vaporeon missed, since he couldn't jump that high. "Talon, Drill Peck!" The Fearow drilled its beak into Vaporeon, making it faint. "Oh no!" Dan said. "Vaporeon, return! Go, Pikachu!" "Talon return! Go, Reaper!" A Scyther popped out of the challenger's Pokéball. "Pikachu, thundershock!" The Scyther was too fast for Pikachu's shock. "Reaper, cut the Pikachu, now!" Scyther cut Dan's Pikachu. He was hurt but not beaten yet. "Pikachu! Thunder!" Pikachu leaped into the air, releasing a large amount of electricity, which the Scyther couldn't escape. "Reaper, return!" "Good match," Dan said. "Name's Dan. Who are you?" "The name's Jake," the challenger answered. "Well, I hope I see you around later," I said. "I have to get Vaporeon and Pikachu to the Pokécenter. Bye!" Dan entered the Pokémon center, almost bumping into a Pikachu who was on the way out. He went up to Nurse Joy. "I need you to heal these Pokemon." Dan showed her Vaporeon and Pikachu. "Oh, right away!" Joy said. Some Chanseys came and took Vaporeon and Pikachu. Dan sat down and called out the Eevees. He petted them and let them walk around while he waited. - "Will Dan please come to the front desk?" Joy said. "Come on Eevees!" Dan said, and went to the desk. "Your Pokémon are good as new!" Joy said. Vaporeon and Pikachu came out from the back of the Pokécenter. Dan called all of his Pokémon back to their Pokéballs and walked out of the Pokémon Center. Gotta catch 'em all, Pokemon! "Come right this way!" "No, not me, Psyduck!" "Don't be so hard on yourself, you're as pretty as any Psyduck!" -Misty and TR, "Pokémon Fashion Flash!" Dan Pokemon collection status: Owns [139]