Subject: Re: [PW] [pkmn auction] darwin the eevee arrives Date: 6 Apr 1999 00:26:20 GMT From: (Ricky5687) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: > > >Darwin the eevee arrived at the auction. He payed his fee to a rather >preplexed >looking vendors manager. He then claimed his vending space, pulled out his >"Inflate a stand" from his backpack and blew it up with eevee lungpower. The >sign on top of his inflate a stand read "Voodoo dolls of celebritys" sure >enough little voodoo dolls of such famous characters as Prof. Oak, Ash >ketchum, >Giovanni, Icy the pikachu trainer and all the gym leaders lined his stand >from >end to end. (don't ask me how he made them, I don't know). Another sign >stacked >on top of the first one read "Pokemon for hire: Experienced eevee, knows >takedown, tackle, bite and scratch. Brings own supplies. Rates negotiable >depending on danger." Eeve arrived shortly after. She walked over to Darwin's stand. She looked at the dolls. "Did you make these dolls yourself?" Eeve asked the Eevee behind the stand. "Ee, Eevee!" the Eevee responded. Eeve could tell that the Eevee has said that it had made the dolls. Also, she knew it was hard for a pokemon to maneuver a sewing machine, which is why the dolls were so poorly made. "They're," Eeve tried to butter up Darwin, although she thought they looked like Barbie and Ken dolls who had gone through the garbage disposal a few times. "Eevee!" Darwin replied by saying thank you. Darwin thought they were his greatest work, nothing short of a masterpiece. Obviously, Eeve and Darwin had a little opinion disagreement. Then, Eeve read the sign about an Eevee for hire. "Another Eevee couldn't hurt.." Eeve thought to herself. "I'd like to hire you," Eeve said to Darwin. "Ee, Eevee, Vee Ee!" Darwin had said "Ok, but you better pay up!" Eeve handed Darwin 20 pokedollars. Darwin snickered. "Ok Darwin, before I give you any big tasks, I want to get to know you better." Eeve said. Darwin put up a "Gone to Lunch" sign on his stand, and went with Eeve. Eeve was very confused as she looked around, as the Team Rocket members were actually being polite and courteous. She knew something was up. Then, she saw a giant tent, filled with hopeful buyers. "Let's go there," Eeve said. There were at least 500 people in the tent, all of whom wanting to buy something. Eeve checked her pocket. She had 450 pokedollars. "Next up for auction," the auctioneer said, "This beautiful Vulpix! Bids start at 75!" Then, Eeve saw many sticks go in the air. She thought she would join in, too. "200!" Eeve raised her hand in the air. She really wanted the Vulpix, she knew of its great fire attacks, and how beautiful it could grow to be. "Ee, Eevee!" Darwin detested the purchase. "Why don't you want me to buy the Vulpix?" Eeve asked. --- TBC.. ---- Hedgehogey, if you'd continue.. Ricky5687 ICQ - 33797130 Pointless Quote of Choice:"Can you copy the Internet for me on this diskette?" -Quick Sig By Ricky5687- You are the [1][9]th person to read my .sig today!