Subject: Re: [PW] [pkmn auction] darwin the eevee arrives Date: 6 Apr 1999 02:50:45 GMT From: (Ricky5687) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: >The little eevee sighed and squeaked out "That vulpix is vulcan, my childhood >rival. We hated each other. In a fit of rage after I had prevented him from >having an attractive ninetails as a mate by showing her his real personality >he >burned down my familys nest with ember." "Egad!" eeve said, shocked. Just >then >the announcers voice rang out "Sold to the girl in the eevee t-shirt." Eeve >started to protest but the announcer thrust the pokeball into her hand and >ran >off to his next auction all the while >muttering to himself "I'm late, i'm late >for an important date!" Eeve stepped out of the auction tent, with mixed emotions. She was happy, because she had gained a new pokemon, but at the same time, disappointed, because she had just literally "bought" a past enemy of Darwin. Darwin didn't speak to Eeve for a few hours, until he had to, when they went to pick up some lunch. "What would you like to eat, Darwin?" Eeve asked, somehow keeping optomistic. "Ee, Eevee, Vee," Darwin said he wanted something light. Obviously, Darwin was so upset about seeing Vulcan again, he couldn't eat, he coudn't sleep, and he was even having trouble just walking. He recalled the time when his nest was brought down in a snap by Vulcan. They ate quickly, and went back to looking around the auction. They found something that caught their attention - some Team Rocket members discussing something. It looked suspicious, so Eeve decided to investigate. ----- TBC ----- Follow it up, Hedge.. Ricky5687 ICQ - 33797130 Pointless Quote of Choice:"Can you copy the Internet for me on this diskette?" -Quick Sig By Ricky5687- You are the [1][9]th person to read my .sig today!