Subject: [PW!] Dern's Hypno Disobeys! Date: 3 Apr 1999 07:15:49 GMT From: (Dryad48) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: After escaping the wrath of Team Rocket, Derrick and Dern headed for the Celadon Hotel to hide. As soon as danger passed, Dern took out the pokeball with Hypno and let it out. "Hypno.....Hypno..." it moaned. "Hypno, you ok?" asked Dern. " I missed you so much!" "HYPNO!" it shouted. Then, it swing its pendulum into the air and whacked Dern's cheek. "Ouch!" He screamed. "Um, are you sure you took the right one? asked Derrick. "Someone could've won it and Team Rocket would have found a replacement by now, maybe....." "No! Of course not!" Dern pointed to Hypno's pendulum. "See, it has the symbol of the Elite Four on it. I remember Agatha gave it to my Hypno as a good luck charm." As Derrick examined it, Hypno swiped it out of his hand, then it swung it at Derricks face. As Derrick was clutching his face in tears, Hypno jumped over Dern and ran down the hallway. Dern tried to catch up, but he was too slow. Hypno was already in the elevator and hypnotized the person to push the closing button. Once again, Dern has lost his Hypno. It is now lurking somewhere in the hotel. Dern turned to Derrick. "Well, looks like we'll be doing a lot of searching," he said. "What do you mean we?" asked Derrick. "It's your Hypno. I'll just relax down here and monitor the camera system. You'll go floor searching. I should be focusing on my goals right now." Suddenly, they heard an echoing scream and a crash following it. "The elevator!" screamed the clerk. " I guess you'll have to go by stairs also!" Derrick laughed hysterically. They discussed with the clerk what was happening and he agreed to let them use the hotel equipment. Dern held his breath and grumbled as he walked up the stairs with the microphone. To Be Continued (Who near the hotel,wants to help capture that Hypno?) (You can't get it though)