From: Dryad48 <> Subject: [PW!] Derrick and the Exploding Pokemon Date: Monday, April 26, 1999 11:06 PM Recap: Derrick and Dern entered the Power Plant and split up. Derrick got chased by a group of Magnemites and ran into a psychopathic trainer who stole his Venonat. Then the trainer got surrounded by the Magnemites. Story: "Magneton!" "Magnemite." The pokemon were surrounding the thief and ready to Thundershock him. "Eh he hehehehe hehe he!" the boy just cackled and took out many pokeballs. "Go Voltorb! Go Voltorb! Go Voltorb! Go Voltorb! Go Voltorb! Go Voltorb! Go Voltorb! Go Voltorb! Go Voltorb!" (You get the picture.) "Magnemite!" Their eyes widened and tried to get away, but they were too slow compared to a Voltorb. "Ehehehehehe! No one can out do me! I am Jedd, the best there ever was! Hehehehehe!" He started throwing the Voltorb at the escaping pokemon. Causing hundreds of Explosions. He knocked out nearly all the Magnemite and Magneton! "MAGNETON!" "Hmm, there appears to be one left standing." "That's enough!" shouted Derrick. "They don't deserve this!" But, the psychopathic boy just ignored him. "How about finishing this one off with a big BANG? Go Electrode! Go Golem! Go Weezing!" "Magneton?" "Feel my wrath, AHAHAHAHAHA! Everybody, Explosion!" "Electrode!" "Golem!" "Weeeezing..!" They must be real loyal. They actually are willing to sacrifice themselves. While Jedd was cackling away about explosions, bangs, and things blowing up, and while his pokemon were preparing to sacrifice themselves, Derrick took out a pokeball and threw it quickly. "In order to save it," he thought,"I must capture Magneton." The ball easily closed around and held the nearly dead scrap magnet. "HEY HEY HEY! You ruined the fun!" "Get a life." Someone in the vents was speaking. "Eh? A new victim?" Jedd looked up and from the ceiling, rained a huge Exeggcutor which landed on his face. Next, from the ceiling came tumbling down.................. Kathy! "Kathy? What are you doing here?" Derrick asked. "Last time I checked, Neo and you were at Pokemon Island." "Come on!" she replied, "That event was supposed to be over weeks ago! But still, people are still there. So is Neo." Derrick ran over and took the pokeball containing Venonat from Jedd's belt. "There's not much time! Those pokemon could blow up any minute now!" "Derrick, you have pokemon of the Grass and Bug type, right?" She asked. He nodded back. "Well, most of them probably have sleep attacks and thats just what we need to stop them from blowing up the plant!" "Your right! Good thinking. Go Weepinbell! Use Sleep Powder on those pokemon and quickly!" Jedd was still fainted. "Exeggcutor help it! Use Hypnosis!" In not much time, they were able to put to sleep, Weezing and Golem and returned them in their pokeballs to Jedd. "One's still left!" Kathy pointed out. "It's Electrode!" Exeggcutor and Weepinbell tried to put it to sleep, but failed. "They don't call him the fastest pokemon in the world for nothing." Derrick said. "We don't have much time! We're gonna die!" With this thought in mind Derrick was more determined to save Electrode from self destruction. "Go Paras! Use Spore! Go Exeggcute! Use Hypnosis! Keep using Sleep Powder Weepinbell! Go Venonat! Use Sleep Powder!" "Go Parasect! Use Spore!" Kathy commanded. Just the sight of her Parasect made Derrick jealous. A long time ago, Paras said he didn't want to evolve, EVER! All the pokemon filled the room with the sleeping waves and fumes and Electrode tried desperately to dodge them. "We shouldn't return Electrode to such a destrutive trainer," Kathy said in a muffled voice, trying to avoid intaking the powder. "ughghhghgh." Derrick was getting sleepy and fainted along with Electrode. ---------------DREAM--------------- "Good job Paras!" Derrick patted its head. "I can't believe it! This is my first, aside from the idiotic boy with the Pikachu, loss at Pokemon Tech! And against a Paras too!" The gorgeous trainer returned her beated Growlith. "Growly, you did a good job.You really are something, kid." "Huh? Paras? What's wrong? You're glowing." "He's evolving," the trainer replied. "I would expect it, after an extremely tough battle!" "Paras...Paras....Paras...." It was struggling to stop. "Wh..wh..whats wrong? Don't you want to become twice as powerful?" "Paras," he shook his head sideways. "Hey I'm an expert pokemon translator too." The girl said. "Maybe I can help you." The girl and Paras talked for a while, then she turned to him. "Why?" "Well, Derrick, Paras says that he likes himself the way he is." "Paras." "He says you don't need to evolve him to win battles. Before this match, Paras couldn't wait for the big momment. But now, he sees that your training skills have helped him become just as good as the average Parasect." ".............." Derrick broke down into tears for many reasons and many, he couldn't describe. That day, he knew he was ready to leave. "It's time for our second part of our training," Derrick told Paras walking aside him. "Today is the day we head to Erika and learn more about battling." "Did you say you're heading to Celadon?" a voice asked him. "I'm heading there too." Derrick turned to see...... ----------------Waking Up-------------------- "Derrick, Derrick, wake up." Derrick opened his eyes to see Kathy. He looked around to find himself back in the power plant. "I did it!" Kathy exclaimed, "I caught the Electrode, but you were asleep and I have no use for it." "Doesn't Dern want one?" "Oh yeah... oh, and I woke you up because you were talking in your sleep. Is everything all right?" Derrick paused for a few seconds then answered, "Yeah." Leaving the fainted psychopath trainer, Derrick and Kathy went to search for Dern. To Be Continued Dryad48