Subject: Re: [PW!] [PKMN-Auction] Dragonite attacks.. Date: 7 Apr 1999 11:59:41 GMT From: (Yosh1121) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: Jeff wrote: >The auctioneer noticed the reaction from the crowd and swallowed nervously. >"Don't worry folks! Its just sleeping! And there is more! This particular >Pokemon has been blessed with psychic abilities! Surprise your friends when >you use a fire Pokemon which is more than it seems! Do I hear 200?" > >"200.", a trainer yawned, amused. > >"200! Great! Anyone else?" > >"Why not. 300!", someone cried from the back. > >"300! Do we have any more bidders? Going once!", the auctioneer sighed. >"Will anyone else care for this psychic Charmander? I'll even throw in a >Mega Punch TM!!" > >The crowd was silent. > >"Stupid Pokemon..", the auctioneer muttered. "Anyone? Anyone want this... >uh.. great Charmander?", he scanned the crowd eagerly. Oz bit his lip. He didn't understand why nobody bid on Charmander. It looked like a great Pokémon and would have been his first choice from the three starter Pokémon. "500!" Oz yelled. The Charmander looked so small and frail, he just had to do something. "500! Good, do I hear 600?!" the auctioneer rambled. 500 hundred wasn't a decent prize, but atleast it was something. "600? Anyone? Going once....going twice..." ~~~~~ Another attempt at sort of interaction. Hope it's well recieved. I sorta left it hanging, in case you'd rather Oz not have Charmy, or anybody else would like to butt in. Yosh ---------- Note: Beware the rabid Yosh.