Subject: Re: [PW!] [PKMN-AUCTION] Dustin gets a Porygon! Date: Thu, 08 Apr 1999 22:04:27 -0700 From: Dreadite <> Organization: Netcom Newsgroups: IcyPikachu wrote: > Kid Vid2 <kidvid2@aol.comyer.head> wrote in message > > > Dustin, thanks to being closer to the computer, got there first. "One > Porygon, > > 5,000 PB." Dustin shelled out the cash, and the woman behind the computer > > pressed a few keys. She grabbed a couple of books and a Pokeball. She > handed > > these to Dustin, who took them. He stuck the books into the > > never-ending-nexus-void-that-is-his-sweatpants-pockets, and released the > > Porygon. > > Icy saw the trainer walk out with the Porygon. "Hello mister. I see you > like Porygons too. What can your's do?" > > Yippie, I interacted! <Scene Switch!> "Sir! A pikachu attacked, and lkilled one of our agents. In fact, he's claiming to be a trainer, and had speaking capabilities!" The rocket slowed down as Dreadite got up. Dreadite walked over to the rocket, and looked at the man. "Where is this Pikachu?" Dreadite asked, and threw his cloak over his shoulders. The rocket watched True Car'tos warily as Dreadite approached the rocket. "I'll deal with this myself." The rocket turned to face Dreadite. "He was at the Porygon expo las I heard." Dreadite gestured to Car'tos, who shrugged, and walked past the rocket. Dreadite walked through the door, and into the crowd. The rocket ran off to tell Giovanni. <Scene Switch> Icy was talking about Porygons to whoever walked by. He sat down, to catch his breath. "This is really weird. Porygon seems to be so popular these days, but nobody wants to talk about them!" Icy's caterpie just made a tired noise. Icy sat down. He wasn't able to do as much as a Pikachu, he got tired quicker. "Ppika!" A little girl walked over to him. "Wow, a cute Pikachu! Want a snack, pikachu?" Icy nodded. The girl tossed him a nut, and ran into the crowd, giggling. Icy ravenouly ate, prompting his caterpie to step back. Dreadite watched Icy eat. "That's the one. Strange, he doesn't seem to be human at all." Car'tos laughed. "Well, amybe he was hungry. We're not ones to talk, you know." Dreadite laughed, and stepped forward. He walked up to Icy, and smiled. "Well, aren't you the cutest little thing." Icy looked up, and nodded before going back to eating. Dreadite pikued. "Too bad you made a mistake." Dreadite slashed at Icy, and the psychic Pikachu dodged out of the way, and looked at Car'tos, who had walked out of the crowd. Dreadite laughed. "Too late!" Dreadite tossed a net at Icy. "Giovanni wants to see you." TBC? Dreadite (My god, that sucked. I need to work on that... *plays the james bond theme* I seemed like those thung in a random bond movie....) ----- "Míru kage mo náku yatsúrete iru. I am the Darkness, Dreadite." Visit the Kage Shogunate: