Subject: Re: [PW!] [PKMN-Auction] Eeve and Darwin Get Away Date: 6 Apr 1999 22:00:46 GMT From: (Hedgehogey) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: >The rockets wispered among themselves "Hey what luck! Not only is it that >eevee >trainer on our enemies list but also that very same eevee the boss wants us >to >catch! Let's get em!" And with that a large, burly rocket grabbed darwin by >the >ear while his companion caught >eeve by the wrist. Darwin twisted himslef around >enough to get into position to bite the rocket which he did causing the >rocket >to emit a howl of pain and drop darwin. Darwin used one of his ears to bring >a >knife from his backpack and brandished it in his mouth to warn >off any other >rockets while eeve nailed her captor with a knee to the groin. The big man >collapsed in the fetal position and whimpered. "We need something to escape >under! Go vaporeon!" eeve quickly yelled. "Pory!" "Vaporeon use mist!" And >the >vaporeon shrouded the room in a watery haze, giving them some cover to escape >from the rockets to............ a nearby small tent, where three or four people were waiting for an auction to begin. "We need to hide in a large group," Eeve said, "I didn't know Team Rocket was looking for us!" Eeve and Darwin ran towards the largest group of people they could find. Darwin then said something of his past. "Ee, Vee, Eevee, VEE!" Darwin talked about how Team Rocket had captured his parents, and how they were now after him. They ran to the giant auction tent where they had been before, hoping that Team Rocket would not spot them. Eeve tried to think out the next step in her strategy, but she was interrupted. "Next up for auction, this set of PokéWear! We have some sweaters, shirts, and pants to get you and your pokémon dressed in style!" the auctioneer said loudly. "That's it," Eeve said, "Since Team Rocket will probably look for us by what we were wearing, we'll just buy some new clothes!" "Bids start at 150 pokedollars!" the auctioneer informed everyone. "I only have 100," Eeve said. Then, Darwin reached into his bag and pulled out 1000 pokedollars! He had made a small fortune off of selling those dolls. "I bid 300!" Eeve shouted, getting many stares from other bidders, as she bid so high over the original price. "Going, going, gone!" the auctioneer said, "Sold to the young woman in the Eevee t-shirt!" A young man handed Eeve the set of clothes. She and Darwin quickly ran to a private area and promptly changed clothes. They were safe, for now anyway. Eeve continued to look around the auction tents, looking for something that intrested her. Darwin was also looking for a few items. They were out of Team Rocket's clutches, and wanted to relax and shop around now.>>>>> Darwin went looking for sewing supplies while eeve shopped for some good eevee and eeveelution food as well as pokemon supplies. Something caught darwins eye: a pair of tiny dumbells usually used for rattata weight training but would be perfect for strengthening darwins ears. He purchased them from the perplexed looking seller who was obivously surprised at seeing a pokemon purchase his products. After swiping some loose dollars from a sleeping rocket (they deserved it after trying to capture him and eeve) he used his newfound money to purchase a miniature sewing machine and a weed whacker both of which he amazingly stuffed into his backpack. He then setoff for Sushios sushi resteraunt where he and eeve had agreed to meet and have lunch. Darwin secured a table and set himself up on a tabl with the poketimes. The top story read "3 elite four members are aliens" Darwin relaxed and chuckled at the ridiculous tabloids. A few minutes later eeve stumbled in, her arms full of pokeballs, potions, and other assorted accesories...... Devin "Hedge" Bartolomeo <TSI> "Yesterday you found a new use for mayonnaise. Today the family dog has hired an attorney."- Ed, Edd and Eddie "Man is quite insane. He would not know how to make a maggot yet invents gods by the dozens."-Montaigne