From: Otaku67 <> Subject: [PW!] Escape from the Island Date: Thursday, April 15, 1999 6:27 PM Tenchi awoke to Snakefish licking his face. "Ohh, man..feels like someone dropped a transformer on my head" Tenchi atempted to sit up, but fell back down. He locked at his stomach, and noticed it was bleeding badly. Snakefish looked at him with big sad eyes. "Hey, dont worry, i'll be ok. But we better get off this island" Snakefish helped Tenchi stand up, and he noticed his pokemon fainted all around him. He returned them to thier pokeballs, and walked over to the coast. Once there, Tenchi got on Snakefish, and they started back to the Cinibar Island. But about half way there, With the sun beating down, and the previous battle, Snakefish sucumbed to sleep. Tenchi couldnt move, and his wound was getting worse. Witht the last of his strength, Tenchi called out Jelly Bean, who bobed around in the water. "Wiggly?" "Jelly Bean, I need you to get us to Cinibar. Snakefish is to tired, and my wounds wont let me swim. Just take Snakefish with one hand, and i'll take your other hand." Jelly Bean did what Tenchi said, and together, they made it the shores of Cinibar by nightfall.. But out of nowhere, a Tentacruel poped up, grabbing Jelly Bean. "Wigglytuff! Wiggly Wiggly!" Tenchi looked up, and noticed the huge pokemon. "Jelly Bean! Use...anything!" Tenchi was to beat up to think straight, let alone move. He watched helplessly as Jelly Bean was beaten mercilessly. The Tentacruel then tossed Jelly Bean back, who was cut up and poisoned. Tenchi and his pokemon lay there fainted, posioned and bloody. And it seemed no one was outside at this time. While Tenchi slept, he was plauged by dreams. He saw himslef be blasted by a green energy ball, his pokemon beaten by Team Rocket. Then, various images flashed in his mind. An Evil man named Giovanni, a guy with a paper bag on his face, His pokemon, the Tentacruel attacking Jelly Bean, and finnaly, his tombstone. A few hours later, Tenchi awoke, his face sweaty, his hair mangaled and dirty. Tenchi crawled to the pokemon center, with Snakefish around his neck, and Jelly Bean in his arms. "Here, Nurse Joy, help my pokem-" Tenchi fainted on the floor. Nurse Joy ran to help him up, but felt his chest. His heart was thumping ireguarly. "This man is going into cardiac arrest! Chansey, help me get his hooked up to some equipment.! Chansey and Nurse Joy Picked up Tenchi, and set him on a stretcher. Luckily, Pokemon Centers had lately installed Human equipment, in case a trainer was hurt. The hooked him up to some machines, and prayed that he would be alright. While Chansey looked after Tenchi, Nurse Joy looked after his pokemon. The pokemon would heal soon enough. Tenchi however, was a differant story. He had suffered severe sunstroke, and was bleeding internaly. But his heartbeat had stabilized. Now, all Joy could do was wait. TBC -otaku67 "dejavu strikes when you least expect it. and it packs one helluva punch"