From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Escape from the Rocket Society (part 1) Date: Thursday, April 15, 1999 8:43 PM MTSowbug wrote: > Larry was leaning off the edge of a building high above where Phoo and > Doppler where. "OH boy?!?! YEAH, DUDE man COOLIO!!! THIS will be the STORY > OF THE year?!?! Phoo... and this WEIRD METAMORPHING THINGY... OOH ooh ooh!" > Just then, Larry leaned over too far, and landed between Phoo and Doppler. > Together, the two of them (Phoo and Doppler) said, "I hate the press..." Doppler stared at Larry for a moment, then snorted. "This one can not be controlled the same way. I am having difficulty sensing a coherent mind at all." "WAS THAT AN insult?!" "No. It was a statement of fact." Doppler picked up Phoo. "And now, as I believe the saying goes, 'no comment'." Larry picked up a camera, trying to get a picture. There was a bright flash, then Doppler and Phoo were gone. Only later, when developing a roll of hopelessly overexposed film, would Larry realize that his camera's flash bulb had already burnt out. Several hundred feet up, far above the Celadon Mall, the cockroach materialized, riding on a giant Aerodactyl. #You are an interesting one,# Doppler spoke mentally, #and for that, I offer you a chance to join my cause. Neither pokemon nor human are you, and yet you have what it takes for both to treat you as the worst of the other. That 'human', or so I assume, has apparently bothered you before. I could tell from your voice. Tell me, would it not be beneficial to you if he were dead?# " No, I won't let you talk me into saying I want to kill him." #Such was not my intent. I do not wish my min...allies to be what they are not, and you are no killer. You do not have to be.# *FWA-BAM* Phoo looked over the side of the Aerodactyl, after holding on through a brief stall. Far below, the distinctive crater of a Hyper Beam smouldered not half a meter from Larry. #I save the dirty work for those capable of it. You would be useful to me as a model, a demonstration. Work with your pokemon - not as their master, but side by side. Learn to understand them, and become their partner. Do not view them as mere property, as slaves to be trained, traded, and stolen. Such is the fallacy of both Team Rocket and the Pokemon League, and for their slavery, I would see BOTH organizations destroyed! Terminating their leaders will be a start, but if you can stop people from joining either one, it would help. Such is all I ask of you, for such is all you would be willing to do. Or, have I underestimated you? Would you be willing to join in my fight? Would you mount Giovanni's and the Elite Four's heads on sticks, after severing them yourself, as a warning to those who would take up their evil ways?# TBC? > TBC!!! (ooh, finally a formidable opponent!) NC-Doppler uppercuts a nameless trainer, causing a Wigglytuff to stick its head into view for a second. "Wiggly!" "FINISH HIM!" NC-Doppler flexes a hand with needle-like claws, and pops the Wigglytuff. "NC-DOPPLER WINS. MERCY."