From: Alyssa <> Subject: [PW!][NC][NS] Explanation of the Mew storyline, some notes, and a question Date: Friday, April 16, 1999 12:12 PM Welp, Bean-kun an' I were brainstorming on IM, and this is the explanation we figured: Some Rockets have found Mew and forced her to call the psychic people and Pokemon to her, so they can steal the Pokemon. Jessie, James, and Meowth will have some major part in this plan, I'm pretty sure (James-sama! <envisions Alyssa-character getting starry-eyed and glomping onto James>), and they're probably gonna want to capture Mew. Participation in this storyline is greatly encouraged. Incidentally, most of it is taking place in Saffron ONLY because Alyssa is presently AT Saffron. Mew's a little north of Unknown Dungeon, incidentally. And I'd like to note that her call is strong enough to be heard just about everywhere (can you tell I'm desperate for contribution?), although it's stronger in some places than others... for example, psychics in Cerulean would be going berserk, whereas psychics in Cinnabar would be feeling a dim, urgent tug. Also, the psychics are not just standing around. They're flying to where Mew is. And now, the question: should I make a WG for Robert? He's a lot of fun to write with, and I don't exactly want him to just fade into obscurity... Anyway. Ja ne! -- Lyssie Obssessive fan of Raichu, Mew, and James-sama "There really must be a society against cruelty to James." -- Maria (I agree! Only YOU can save James from Jessie's paper fans of death!) "I admit, I set him on fire once with my magic paper fan." -- Corynn "If you took a Mega Kick to the most sensitive part of your body, how eager would you be to jump up and run after a Pokemon?" -- James, from an IM roleplaying session "Yes, ma'am, I know everything but the answers." -- Peppermint Patty "Pretty mother, so graceful in the water. Too bad I have to kill you." -- Tentacruel, from one of my fanfics "Fungus Terpsichoreus Kawaiius!" -- Me "For some reason, I seem to be losing my liqui-ibrium!" -- James (well, how would YOU spell it?)