From: AznFrenzy <aznfrenzy@aol.complain> Subject: Re: [PW!] [Island] Fire in the Cave Date: Friday, April 16, 1999 11:03 PM Shard stepped out of the cave. He decided to search closer to the complex where he did not check yet. Shard knew once that he find his old friend it will be easy to turn Raven into a Rocket no matter how loyal he was a ATR. Shard stop of a second and began to rub his eyes. Right in front of him was Raven's body just lying there almost like it was waiting for Shard. Next to Raven's body was Spike. "Probably one of Raven's pokemon." Shard thought. Spike growled at Shard ferociously and began to bare his teeth. "Heh Watch it. I am here to help Raven not hurt him. " Spike eased his growling but his eyes were still on Shard "Damn. Raven's hurt. Guess I will have to drag him back to the complex. It will be easier to turn him to Team Rocket anyway. Shard began to drag Raven toward the complex, much as Raven had done to Shard almost exactly 2 weeks ago when both of them were not in any groups. Team Rocket or Anti-Team Rocket otherwise. The group of 3 made slow progress toward the complex. TBC... Sorry for the short post. I have a school placement test tomorrow. Ugh. A test on Saturday.