From: Dryad48 <> Subject: [PW!][ISLAND] Forest Frenzy: Fear the Fearow Date: Sunday, April 18, 1999 11:15 AM Derrick was still lost with none of his pokemon in sight after they chased after the Pikachu. He wandered and wandered for a while and came across an Ekans in the grass. He slowly followed it and it led him to climbing a tall tree. Derrick climbed and climbed hoping for a good picture and maybe a better view to find Paras and Weepinbell. The Ekans dissapeared into a higher branch. Derrick almost reached it, but the Ekans suddenly crashed down to the forest floor. The confused Derrick still climbed the tree only to find a nest with an angry Spearow. "Spearrrrroooooww!" In fright, Spearow continuously Pecked at him. Other Spearows came and pecked also. "Spearow! Spearow!" Derrick couldn't take it and fell off the branch. A large Fearow suddenly grabbed his backpack. Derrick thought he was saved, but Fearow just slid him out of the straps and took the backpack. Derrick plunged ten feet before hitting another branch. "%$@#," Derrick said to himself. He needed the supplies in the backpack if he wanted to get back to the center alive. He had lost his backpack, and on top of that, he lost his pokemon. Derrick climbed up the tree Fearow took the backpack to. He tried to grab it without them noticing, but suddenly he heard their shrill cries. "SPEEEAAAARRRROOOOOW!!!! (The egg thief's back, Kill him! kill him!)" Fearow swooped back down towards him and Derrick screamed dropping himself all the way down. However, a pile of leaves saved him. Derrick just stared at the sky for a while. Then a shadow of a short, chubby creature came over him. It's......David? "Hah hah hah!!" He laughed. "Now I have more pictures to take!" "Well, I don't have any of them with me at the moment." "LIAR! GIMME! GIMME!" Derrick pointed to the tree. "They're up there," he said. "If you get me my backpack, then I will let you have a picture of the Victreebel colony." "There's no such thing!" "If you give me my backpack, I will prove it to you. Or, I can give you a Silver Butterfree picture." "Silver Butterfree, that's worth a lot!" David eagerly climbed the tree. Derrick got up waiting to run. There was silence for a while, then, a high pitched screech. "SPEEEAAAARRRROOOW!! (Another egg thief!!!)" David fell of the tree dropping the backpack and was caught in mid air by Fearow. Derrick looked through his backpack to find the worst Silver Butterfree picture he could. Then, he tossed it to David. "Yay!" David cackled. Even though he was being caried away. Derrick had agreed to give a Silver Butterfree picture because he knew it would be worthless. Just about everybody on this island had at least one picture of them. Derrick had at least thirteen. He walked of in search of Paras and Weepinbell. "Where are they?" To Be Continued