Subject: [PW!] Growlithe's life or death decision. Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999 14:56:52 GMT From: Neo and his Lioconvoy figure <> Organization: Deja News - The Leader in Internet Discussion Newsgroups: Neo sat in Celadon City. He sighed contentedly as he stroked Eevee, Growlithe sat at his feet. Neo suddenly said to Growlithe, "Growlithe, old buddy, it is time..." Growlithe stared at Neo. Haunter floated over, "Uh oh! The boss isn't happy....." Growlithe snapped at him. Haunter floated back, "Touchy..." Neo stood at the counter in Celadon market. The clerk came back with a fire stone. "Mr. Williams, you are a big buyer in the fact that you frequently order more stones, why are you buying an extra fire stone?" "Well, I want Growlithe to grow up." "To be big an strong!" added Haunter, while streching imaginary muscles. Eevee flung herself at Haunter playfully. Neo called out Growlithe and showed him the stone, Growlithe yelped, "GrrrROOOWWWL!!!!"and ran. Neo chased after him, "Haunter, tell Kathy to tell Sirius that I'm gonna be a while!" Haunter smiled and went off. Growlithe went and hid, he didn't want to fight. He was too scared, he just wanted to settle down. But then he heard Neo. He looked out to see Neo still holding the stone and shouting for him. Eevee looked around to, shoutig for him too. A trainer came up to Neo, "Hello! Wanna fight?" Neo looked at him, "Yes..." "Go, Kabuto!!" Kabuto leaped out and stood his ground, "Go Tangela!!" Tangela leaped out and faced down Kabuto. Tangela attacked, wrapping Kabuto in tough vines. Tangela squeezed and squeezed, harder and harder Meanwhile, Haunter had found Kathy, "Kathy, tell Sirius Neo will be awhile purple monkey dishwasher" Kathy just rolled her eyes and went to find Sirius. Tangela was now facing Flareon. Before flareon could fire, Tangela wrapped her up and was flinging her around. Growlithe watched, whimpering to himself. When Flareon de-evolved into Eevee, Tangela squeezed harder, Growlithe whimpered even more. Eevee screeched in pain. Growlithe looked around, then saw the Fire Stone, looked at Eevee, then the stone. Growlithe made up his mind. A hug blast of fire burned of Tangela's vines. Eevee looked over to see Arcanine, charging at Tangela. Neo was over joyed, "Alright! Arcanine!! TBC *****Neo J. Menasor the 1st***** Be ready.........April 1999 Defender of Transfandom Watcher of Sentai -----------== Posted via Deja News, The Discussion Network ==---------- Search, Read, Discuss, or Start Your Own