From: Vulpix5746 <vulpix5746@aol.comSPAMu2Q> Subject: [PW!][ISLAND] Hope this one doesn't offend anyone... Date: Tuesday, April 20, 1999 4:19 PM NS: I'm trying to insert myself without being a pain. So I'll just join you guys... S: Back in the regular complex, Drew found it nearly deserted. He couldn't find anyone around. Drew ran back towards the entrance. He found a computer. "OK. Computer, locate the nearest ATR members." "Beep boop... Simon, above Pokemon Island, in a helicopter." "Good. Download that data to my Pokedex." Drew pulled out the Pokedex, left over from his days as a regular trainer. He saw the 6 insignia on it, showing he had fallen short of 8 badges at Blaine's Gym. Maybe another time... Drew pushed the thought aside. Seeing it done, he ran outside. "Farfetch'd! Don't fail me now! Take to the skies, after that chopper!" Drew hopped on the duck. (NS: I know it sounds impossible, but I can't get a jet on such short notice. :-0) It began to fly up. During the ascent, Drew saw the whole beauty of Pokemon Island. He pulled out the Pokedex. "Good. Active program D-5." "AWACS Pokedex system active. Target achieved." The program in Drew's Pokedex turned into a radar screen. He could see the helicopter as a bip a little bit away. "Ok, Farfy. That... way." Soon enough, Drew was within sight of the chopper. He saw the Rocket Emblem on the side. "Dang! They must have got Simon. I wonder what he looks like anyway..." As if on cue, a picture appeared in place of the radar screen. "Simon. ATR Leader." Drew grinned. "Cute. But let's get serious." Just as he said this, Drew noticed the helicopter turning down into a desert. He followed it as it touched down. TBC>>> -------------------------------------------------------- To catch them is my real quest, to train them is my cause! <remove SPAMu2Q to reply> ICQ Me: 32262691 see one of the official Pokewars websites at