From: <> Subject: [PW!]Human once again! Date: Monday, April 26, 1999 6:47 PM Aerow was watching his new Ditto. It changed into a NidoKing, then a Sandshrew. It liked being a Sandshrew for an odd reason, mabie that it once was as Sandshrew. "C'mon Ditto, morph into a Fearow and fly me to Cinnibar," said Aerow. Ditto nodded his head, and melted into a Fearow. Aerow got on, and the flight began. **************************** After an 2 hours of flying they reached Cinnibar. Ditto changed back into a Sandshrew. Aerow began to walk towards the Cinnibar Lab. He walked in, one of the scientists recognized him. "Aerow, we've fixed the machine! Would you like to give it a try?" asked the man. Aerow was overjoyed. He walked into a small room, and was put asleep. When he awoke he was once again human. "YES!" yelled Aerow. He thanked the Scientist and left. "SHREW!" said Ditto. He was very excited also. He melted into a Flareon. "Hey you, want to battle?" asked a man. "Sure, Ditto, morph into a Vaporeon!" said Aerow. "Electrode! Use you Tackle attack!" said the man. "Ditto, evade and use an Aurora Beam!" yelled Aerow. The Electrode tackled Ditto, but Ditto recovered. His eyes began to glow in a blue light, then his body. He released a powerful beam of blue light at the Electrode. It smashed into the ground. "Drats, go Victreebell!" said the man, "Ditto, change to a Flareon!" said Aerow. "I just can't win!" "Ditto, Leer, then Fire Blast!" yelled Aerow. Victreebell fired a Solar Beam at Ditto, injuring it badly. Ditto's eyed glowed with a red light. There was a flash of red, Victreebells defence was low. Ditto opened his mouth, releasing a huge beam of Fire. One of Victreebells fried leaves shot at Ditto, finishing him. "I win, Victreebell fainted before my Ditto!" said Aerow. The man angrily payed Aerow and left. Aerow took Ditto to a pokecenter and had him healed. "Monlee! Hit." said Ditto. Aerow turned around to see Ditto showing off to some other pokemon. He saw Aerow looking at him and walked back. They left the pokecenter. "Go Rivers, Neptune, Rumble, Thunder, Torch, Brushfire!" said Aerow. "Jol, Teon, Vap, Oreon, Flar, Eon" said the pokemon. "I need to give you guys a nickname, Feathers give me a hand here." said Aerow. "Well, you could call them the Eevee squad. On a lighter note, don't you think that Eevees have repopulated, everyone has one!" said Feathers. "Eevee squad is good, I agree on the repopulation of Eevees also," said Aerow. "Eevee squad, Thunder, Fire Blast, Ice Beam(TM) and Blizzard(TM)!" said Aerow. The Ice, Fire, and Electricity collided, creating a sphere. Aerow remembered something that his dad had done. He grabbed the Sphere, and cut it into 6 pieces, it was jello-like material. He rubbed a piece of it on each of the pokemons back. Nothing seemed to happen, so Aerow began to explore the beach on Cinnibar Island. TBC?? -----------== Posted via Deja News, The Discussion Network ==---------- Search, Read, Discuss, or Start Your Own