Subject: Re: [PW!] I accept your challenge Date: 2 Apr 1999 04:43:50 GMT From: (AzNPiKaPi) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: She ran to Cerluan City exhausted. Pokemon Island would be her test of physical and psychic fighting. She crouched in front of a pokemark tired, realizing she was considered a Team Rocket member now and she had to catch to catch something on that Island. She looked at a piece of paper she was to hand to some guy on a boat, and that would get her there. She called out Jack's Jigglypuff and explained everything after buying HM02 FLY. "Why does Team Rocket want me so much that I'm being put through this? I don't even want to be a part of them, them blackmailing me to save Jack and his pokemon." She put her head in between her legs and felt something dropped on her. She looked up and the sky was dark. She had fallen asleep outside! She looked and all of her pokeballs were gone. A Team Rocket uniform was lain in front of her with a note. "So I raise the stakes now... your Raticiate, Pidgey, Wartorle, Caterpie, and Abra are in my posseision. So are Dratini, Bulbasaur, "Fluffy", and Spearow. I assure you, your friend has been safely transported back to his Viridian City home.(Wind breathes a sign of relief) But I have your father's pokedex, along with your other possiesions. I left you your wallet with your cash, and one pokeball. I decided to play fair and not take away your money. Will you take the challenge?" They play so dirty, Wind crumpled the note in her hand, pulled on the team rocket uniform, the only clothes she had left and left to Celadon City to the auction. She reached into her inner pocket and realized they didn't find her pistol and knife. The rifle was still lying a few feet away. "Not very bright..." she whispered as she picked it up and started running to Celadon. She falls apart, no one there Hold her hand, it seems to disappear Falls apart, might as well Day is long and nothing is wasted Runaway Runaway, Want to hold you but your going away- Sugar Ray (my sig needed a change)