From: IcyPikachu <> Subject: [PW!][Clan Caterpie] Icy's Mentor Date: Thursday, April 15, 1999 6:04 PM Last time, Icy visited his parents' house with his friends. After telling them all about his adventures, they got ready to visit Icy's former mentor, the psychic trainer, Sabrina. And now. ----==== ICY'S MENTOR ====---- They woke up around 7:00 in the morning. After eating a big breakfast, Icy suggested they visit the local gym. His friends were a little worried about this. "Isn't the gym leader here, Sabrina? I've heard some bad things about her." "She won't be mean to us. I know her. I was her student once remember." Icy was very confident in meeting her again. As they got near to the gym, they let Icy lead them in. He opened the doors and walked in. A psychic walked up to the group. He noticed the Pikachu was leading them. "Ha. You expect to challenge the great Sabrina, yet you allow your pokémon to lead you. Ha ha huh?!?" All of the sudden, he found himself floating in mid-air. "What the." "Don't ever insult me or my friends again or next time I'll show you what I can really do," said Icy as he put the man down. "Forgive me. I shall escort you to the main gym." They followed him down a long hallway. It was decorated with many ornate drawings. "Here we are. Sabrina will be with you soon." The man left them alone in the empty gym. Then, out of nowhere, they could her a voice. "So, who is my next victim?" "I don't know about victims, but I'm here to finally challenge you for a badge Sabrina!" "That attitude sounds familiar. Ah yes, Icy. What happened to you? Nevermind. How tragic." "How did she know?" Insane asked Icy. "She's psychic." Icy turned to Sabrina. "Now, have about a match. Two-on-two good for you." "Usually it is the gym leader who chooses that, but since you insist. Go Kadabra!" "KADABRA!!!" "I choose, Porygon!" "PORYGON-GON-PORY!" "Porygon, conversion now!" Porygon converted to a psychic type. "Kadabra, confusion." Kadabra focused its mind to use confusion. Icy had to think fast. "Porygon, reflect the light into Kadabra's eyes to break its concentration. Porygon responded and Kadabra was temporarily blinded. "Now Porygon, hit Kadabra with Psybeam!" Porygon hit Kadabra perfectly, but it was hardly damaged. "Porygon, get ready to use psybeam again." Sabrina wasn't at all worried. "Kadabra, psywave." Kadabra's attack paralyzed Porygon. Icy reached into his bag and took out a Paralyze healer. Porygon was ready for action again. "Porygon, use your tri-attack and concentrate psybeams on Kadabra!" Porygon became three separate Porygons. All of them attacked at once. Kadabra could concentrate with three adversaries. "Good work Icy." Kadabra was getting very confused by all the psybeams hitting it that it fainted. "This isn't at all over yet. Go Alakazam!" The stronger psychic pokémon appeared. Icy was speechless. "Porygons, tackle it!" They were only inches from Alakazam when they all crashed into eachother for some reason. "WHAT???" Sabrina laughed. "I told you this wouldn't be easy." Icy's friends watched from the sidelines. "How are we going to beat her? Icy seems to be just getting lucky here and there." "Shh. Let's just watch. Maybe we'll get lucky if you learn some strategies." "Now, finish it off Alakazam. Psybeam." Icy froze. << Porygon, move quick. >> It was too late Porygon was slammed against the wall by Alakazam's psybeam. Icy recalled it and got ready to release his second pokémon. "I choose, Butterfree!" Icy remembered that his Butterfree was very talented in using psychic attacks, and its small size would give it an advantage. "Butterfree, sleep powder!" "Blast it out of the sky. Psybeam, multiple spread!" Alakazam fired multiple psybeams at Butterfree, but it was just to fast. Butterfree released its sleeping powder over Alakazam. "Teleport now!" Too late. Alakazam was fast asleep. "Psybeam now Butterfree!" Butterfree began glowing. It was obviously a strong Butterfree. The glow became so much that everyone was blinded. When the flash ended, Butterfree was still hovering joyfully while Alakazam tried to get up unsuccessfully. Sabrina had lost the battle. "Here is the Marsh Badge Icy. You've grown to be a very strong trainer. May you continue to be a shining representative of our gym here." Icy took the Marsh Badge. "Now I've got 6! Only two more to go." "Now, did your friends want to earn badges too?" TBC. I think Tauras wanted to go next, then Insane can... -- ===============================~ IcyPikachu ~== "IcyPikachu, do you see Pikachu?" - IcyPikachu "Now I am truly one with the Pikachu." - IcyPikachu "Pika must run. 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