Subject: [PW!][Clan Caterpie] Icy's Pokémon Picnic Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 20:52:11 -0500 From: "IcyPikachu" <> Organization: Clan Caterpie Newsgroups: Last time, Icy left the group to spend some time along with his pokémon in the forest. And now... ICY'S POKÉMON PICNIC Deep in Celadon Forest, Icy awoke to a half-dozen Caterpie on top of him. "AHHH!!!" he screamed as he got up, sending the Caterpie flying. "Opps, sorry." They crawled around looking for nice, juicy leaves to snack on. The rest of Icy's pokémon also looked around for food. Icy found some bright red apples and shared them with the others. After breakfast, they all spent some time training and playing games. While Icy was playing something with his Caterpie, he heard a rustling in the bushes nearby. As he curiously walked toward them, out flew BAMF, the evil Pikachu. He got ready to attack Icy, but was met by all of Icy's pokémon. "Group attack NOW!" All of Icy's pokémon used their strongest attacks against BAMF. He ran off but vowed to get his revenge soon. Icy and his pokémon took a walk through the forest. Sunlight poured through the tree and sparkled off water drops. It was such a beautiful day and Icy wanted to do something special with his pokémon. They found a clearing which had some rocks scattered and a few small flowers. Swarms of Butterfree fluttered overhead. Icy's Caterpie looked up at their evolved forms. Finally, Icy decided to have a picnic with his pokémon. He sent Abra and Porygon to go find some good food. While they were gone, he set up the picnic. A few minutes later, Abra and Porygon returned with enough food to last the night. They put the food out and everyone ate. After finishing their lunch, Icy let them play in the clearing. The Butterfree he had seen early same back and began playing with his pokémon. It would take a long time for any of Icy's Caterpie to evolve into Butterfree. As he watched them, one stood out. It had green tipped wings and a light green body instead of the normal blue and was slightly smaller than the other Butterfree. "I want that one...," Icy thought. Icy called Abra to his side, then called for the green Butterfree. Icy proposed a contest between Abra and Butterfree. If Abra won, Icy got to capture Butterfree, and if Butterfree won, Icy would give all the Butterfree lots of food. They agreed to the term and the contest began. "Abra, he doesn't look that tough, just use your confusion attack." Abra fired his confusion attack at the Butterfree, but it evaded the attack with amazing agility. Then, Icy noticed Butterfree glowing and just before it could fire its psybeam at Abra, Abra teleported. "Wow. Looks are deceiving... No matter. Abra, psybeam now!" Abra's psybeam knock Butterfree clear out of the sky. Icy won the contest and captured the Butterfree. They all spent the remainder of the day playing with the other Butterfree. Icy sat down caring for Butterfree's wounds. After it was ok, they joined the others in their games. Icy was so happy with his new Butterfree that he decided to share his food with the Butterfree anyway. They promised to take Icy and his pokémon for flying lessons if they had the time the next day. Icy happily agreed and as the sun set, Icy wondered about all the pokémon he would see at the Pokémon Auction in Celadon City. -- =============================~ IcyPikachu ~== "Now I am truly one with the Pikachu." - IcyPikachu "Pika must run. Have battery, will travel." - Sailor Pika "Six legged creatures from planet earth, We love to laugh and are full of mirth, To love all caterpie and help them all, To release the butterfree in the fall, Clan Caterpie crawl oh so slow, Surrender now or look down low" - Clan Caterpie Motto ========================================= Email: Clan Caterpie Email: ICQ: 29184557 (IcyPikachu) IcyPikachu's Home Page: [[[MIRRORED AT]]]: Clan Caterpie Home: (Oh my gosh, we moved!) -------------------------------------------------------------