Subject: [PW!][PKMN-Auction] Icy is Captured Date: Fri, 9 Apr 1999 01:23:57 -0400 From: "IcyPikachu" <> Organization: Clan Caterpie Newsgroups: In the last episode by Dreadite... "Sir! A pikachu attacked, and lkilled one of our agents. In fact, he's claiming to be a trainer, and had speaking capabilities!" The rocket slowed down as Dreadite got up. Dreadite walked over to the rocket, and looked at the man. "Where is this Pikachu?" Dreadite asked, and threw his cloak over his shoulders. The rocket watched True Car'tos warily as Dreadite approached the rocket. "I'll deal with this myself." The rocket turned to face Dreadite. "He was at the Porygon expo las I heard." Dreadite gestured to Car'tos, who shrugged, and walked past the rocket. Dreadite walked through the door, and into the crowd. The rocket ran off to tell Giovanni. <Scene Switch> Icy was talking about Porygons to whoever walked by. He sat down, to catch his breath. "This is really weird. Porygon seems to be so popular these days, but nobody wants to talk about them!" Icy's caterpie just made a tired noise. Icy sat down. He wasn't able to do as much as a Pikachu, he got tired quicker. "Ppika!" A little girl walked over to him. "Wow, a cute Pikachu! Want a snack, pikachu?" Icy nodded. The girl tossed him a nut, and ran into the crowd, giggling. Icy ravenouly ate, prompting his caterpie to step back. Dreadite watched Icy eat. "That's the one. Strange, he doesn't seem to be human at all." Car'tos laughed. "Well, amybe he was hungry. We're not ones to talk, you know." Dreadite laughed, and stepped forward. He walked up to Icy, and smiled. "Well, aren't you the cutest little thing." Icy looked up, and nodded before going back to eating. Dreadite pikued. "Too bad you made a mistake." Dreadite slashed at Icy, and the psychic Pikachu dodged out of the way, and looked at Car'tos, who had walked out of the crowd. Dreadite laughed. "Too late!" Dreadite tossed a net at Icy. "Giovanni wants to see you." ------ And now... The continuation... Icy struggled with the net. "Let me go..." he whimpered. Dreadite just sneared at him and headed back to base. "Hmph... I expected more out of you. Psychic Pikahcu indead. You're going to learn the price of messing with Team Rocket." "I'm warning you. Let me go or you'll end up like that other TR agent." "You can't do anything to me." Dreadite continued walking. Icy knew he wouldn't easily escape without help, so while Dreadite wasn't looking, he used his telekinesis to send out Abra and Porygon. "Go find help. Abra, teleport Porygon and you outta here, now!" he whispered to his pokemon. Abra and Porygon vanished. Dreadite didn't even realize what happened. He looked at Icy again. "How pathetic." He sighed. "I think Giovanni is losing faith in me, sending me to capture such a weakling..." "I AM NOT A WEAKLING!!!" Icy summoned up most of his psychic energy to create a massive electric sphere around himself. He then hurled it into Dreadite. TBC... -- I didn't know how you want to react to that. But I bet cha' didn't see that one coming, huh. Like I said, never try to capture Icy! -- ===============================~ IcyPikachu ~== "IcyPikachu, do you see Pikachu?" - IcyPikachu "Now I am truly one with the Pikachu." - IcyPikachu "Pika must run. Have battery, will travel." - Sailor Pika "Six legged creatures from planet earth, We love to laugh and are full of mirth, To love all Caterpie and help them all, To release the Butterfree in the fall, Clan Caterpie crawl oh so slow, Surrender now or look down low" - Clan Caterpie Motto =============================================== Email: ICQ: 29184557 (IcyPikachu) AIM: IcyPika Clan Caterpie Home: IcyPikachu's Home Page: [[[MIRRORED AT]]]: -------------------------------------------------------------