Subject: [PW!] In search of something to do in Celadon City Date: 2 Apr 1999 05:00:00 GMT From: (Laeophie) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: "Flare... flareon!" growled the Flareon. Cubone leered back at it. "Flareon, attack with Fire Spin!" shouted the Eevee trainer. Flareon took a deep breath and shot out the twister of fire. Cubone became trapped inside. "Cubone, block off the fire with your bone!" yelled Sirius, trying to get his voice through. Cubone jumped out of the flames, using his spinning bone as protection. He pounced on Flareon's back and clubbed it. Flareon shouted in pain and shook Cubone off. "Hmmph. Well, time to show you Flareon's power," boasted the Eevee trainer. "Flareon, Fire Blast now!" "Flare flare flaaaaree!" Flareon began running at Cubone, gaining speed with every bound. As it drew near, it became evident Flareon was covered in flames. Cubone struggled to his feet as Flareon, now a huge fireball, crashed into him. After the embers faded, Sirius saw Cubone, fainted. "Cubone, return! Go, Seadra!" "Sea drasea!" squeaked Seadra. She hit Flareon with a stream of water. Flareon was knocked backward and fainted. "You win, I guess," noted the Eevee trainer as he entered the Celadon City Pokémon Center. Sirius sighed. There was nothing to do. He turned to see that Seanish had already left. Dern and Derrick were out at the Game Corner, while Sirius had no idea where Neo was. And there was nothing of interest back in the Pokémon Center with Kathy and Tom. The trip to Pokémon Island was days away, as was the auction. Now he needed to find something to do... TBC... Anyone want to interact with Sirius?