Subject: [PW!] Inside the Tower Date: 11 Apr 1999 01:06:27 GMT From: (BadI3oy69) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: "Sure is dark in here," said Vincent when entering the tower. Vincent had a pokeball ready in hand, ready to catch whatever he saw. Vincent walked slowly and opened a door. As he went throught the door slammed shut. "What the....?" said Vincent in a shocking way. Vincent saw a switch and flicked it. Nothing happened so Vincent walked and saw a small playroom. "Wow, who lives here?" asked Vincent. Then all of a sudden, a Ghastly, Haunter, and Gengar popped out. Vincent with balls in hand threw the pokeball. All of them shook in their balls and were caught. "Yes, I caught three pokemon with one throw," said Vincent. "Now it's time to get Abra back," said Vincent. To Be Continued.................. ============================================================== [PW] Name: Vincent E-mail: Qoute: "How about Mr. Chinese Midget Pony Ride?" -Freakazoid Web Page: