From: PikaMew <> Subject: Re: [PW!] [ISLAND] Into the Complex Date: Thursday, April 15, 1999 7:59 PM > James went back to the computer room, where he had left his bag. > A red light was beeping on one of the many state of the art computers. > On the screen was a picture of a sickly-looking Trent Retwin > > "Hmmm... open door... open door" > James said, looking all over for an access button > > Finally, he somehow managed to open the door for Trent, who quickly went > inside. > Running out of the room, and down hallways, he made it to ther door. > Trent was limping around, the door closed behind him. > As Car'tos was about to turn the cornor, he heard James' voice and one other.. that he heard on the battle field. > "Sorry, we were...busy. Thank you for you're help > > "Yeah, whatever" Car'tos ran out, with his ShotGun drawn. "Anyone moves, and i blow your caps!" "Hey! its me!" came James, puting his arms over his face. "Put that gun away! Im not after you." "Hm." Putting his gun down, "Trent, what do you want?" TBC? Its late, thats all i can write.... ---------------------------------------- "From the Skys to the Ground, Car'tos takes your Pokémon, and makes them Ours" "Damn them all to hell," began Christof, regular of AGNP. "C*per and friends can harass their moms or some f***** up s*** like that. I don't know what the hell their problem is anyway. Can't get any IRL or something?" -Christof "I feel sorry for you Simon! Getting shot twice in a few months!" -James -----------== Posted via Deja News, The Discussion Network ==---------- Search, Read, Discuss, or Start Your Own