From: AzNPiKaPi <> Subject: [PW!] [ISLAND] Into the complex! Date: Saturday, April 17, 1999 5:55 PM "Voltorb!" Six Voltorbs floated in front of Wind. They were the only thing standing between her and the complex. They didn't seem very friendly. Wind was too close to the complex to use any pokemon now. Wind threw sand at the voltorb and ran in a different direction jumping over a boulder and making a sharp turn in a small canyon. She turned around out of breath with a dead branch. One voltorb floated by and Wind hit it hard with the branch, and it came crashing into the ground. The others were no were in sight. She threw the cord up and secured her harness and started climbing up when she heard a shrill cry. Her foot slipped slightly. Sandshrew! Wind hesitated, it wasn't hers, she started up and heard it scream again. She couldn't leave it there to die. Even though it had the advantage it was too small and outnumber. Wind jumped down and ran back out. Two voltorbs were on the ground and the sandshrew was slashing one as two more slamming into it. They hadn't noticed her yet but if she didn't help the sandshrew the voltorbs would kill it. She pulled out a rifle and aimed it carefully and shot a voltorb down. One started to head for Wind as Sandshrew battled furiously with an Electrode. It had evolved in battle. It shocked Wind down and she helplessly threw sand at it. It started spinning unable to see and attacked the ground around her, still hitting her. Suddenly it stopped in front of her and started growing, she shot the camera realizing few had seen a wild voltorb see it's explosion attack... Wind rolled over a few times trying to get out of range when it fell from the sky. Behind it was Sandshrew slashing and scratching it. The voltorbs were all down. Wind picked up the weakened sandshrew and ran back into the canyon before they revived. Wind hugged the sandshrew. Together they started climbing to the complex. Wind scaled the cliff the sandshrew beside her climbing a lot more nimbly then her human companion. After what seemed like an age Wind reached the top and pulled herself over. The complex loomed before her, some of the windows were broken. Something didn't seem good. But she'd reach the point of no return. She had to find her father's pokedex and unlock it, and away from team rocket. She and sandshrew walked into the complex.... OK ... interaction anyone? She falls apart, no one there Hold her hand, it seems to disappear Falls apart, might as well Day is long and nothing is wasted Runaway Runaway, Want to hold you but your going away- Sugar Ray (my sig needed a change)