From: Mobius101 <mobius101@aol.compactpika> Subject: Re: [PW!] [ISLAND] Into the complex! Date: Sunday, April 18, 1999 4:18 AM >Maria grinned and ran a hand down his chest. "Thanks...I owe you." She >leaned >forward and gave him a quick deep kiss. Then she stepped back and sped in >the >direction of the complex garage. As she ran past the infirmary, she noticed something large and spikey behind the glass. She peered in the door a second and found herself face to face with a Sandslash with a scar over its eye. "SLASH!" Maria jumped back a bit. Slasher hissed in fright. Then she noticed the bandaged man behind it. She was surprised at his size even though he was sitting. Of course, next to her, most people seemed huge.... "Who are you?" "Somebody who should be paid more." He grimaced at his wounds. "Wait, now I remember. You were at that fight. Are you a Rocket?" "No." Trent got off the bench and retrieved his black coat and put it on. "ATR?" Maria narrowed her eyes and moved her hand towards her pocket. "SLASH!" The Sandslash instantly had a claw against her. "ACK!" "No." Trent smirked. "And don't bother with that gun unless you want Sandslash to use you as a scratching post." "Slash!" "Dammit, I know that's for cats, I was just making a point, okay?" Maria slowly backed away from the Sandslash. "Just don't get in our way....there's more of us than there are of you." "I'm not interested in getting in your way. I'm just....." He fell into silence. "None of your business. Don't worry little Rocket, I'm going to be lying low for awhile anyway.....until the time is right." He brushed past her and walked down the hall, followed by the Sandslash. "You Rockets and ATR have fun with your little games..." Trent snickered, and disappeared through a back door. Maria watched where he'd gone for a moment. Then she turned to Slasher. "Well, that was interesting.....and somehow I suspect we haven't heard the last of him." "Meowth?" A look of determination on her face, Maria broke into a run and continued on her route towards the complex garage. TBC? (BTW, hope I didn't mess ya up there Jose, I just thought she would bump into Trent there.) ~Maria R "Psy yie yie..." ------------------------- Tha webber: ----------- "Taking Pokemon straight from your pockets, With the power of the stars, it's Maria Rocket!" -My corny PW! motto ^.^; ------ TEOTWAWKI