Subject: Re: [PW!][ISLAND] Into the Jungle Date: 10 Apr 1999 20:20:18 GMT From: laeophie@aol.comikaze (Laeophie) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: Derrick heard quiet rustling in the bushes. "Who's... who's there?" A greenish creature stepped out of the foliage. "Don't worry, Derrick. The Scyther here are trained to not hurt humans." Derrick gave a sigh of relief. Two figures stepped out of the bush. "Prepare for..." began Jesse. "You again??? You already came here!" complained Sirius. Jesse turned to James and they consulted each other. They faced Sirius again. "Trouble!" "Make it double!" "To protect the..." "Come on, let's get out of here." Sirius nudged Derrick. "World from devastation!" "To unite all peoples within our nation." "To denounce the evils of..." Sirius and Derrick began to leave. Jesse and James were undaunted. "Truth and love!" "To extend our reach to the stars above." "Jesse!" "James!" "Team Rocket blasts off at the... AAAAAUUGHHHH!" The red R had dropped down behind them during their motto. The wild Scyther was quivering in rage. "Scyther scyther scyther scyther scy!" it screamed as it rushed towards the two Rockets. Jesse and James turned to run in panic. Meowth popped his head out of the bush. "You two are lucky I planned for something like this." He hurled a Voltorb at Scyther's feet. It exploded, blinding Scyther in a cloud of dust. Team Rocket escaped in their balloon. The dust cleared, revealing the enraged Scyther. Silently, it rushed towards the fleeing Sirius and Derrick. TBC... Jimmy Vu See my Pokémon FAQ at Or, just go to