Subject: [PW!][ISLAND]Invitation to Pokemon Island Date: 10 Apr 1999 23:53:59 GMT From: aznfrenzy@aol.complain (AznFrenzy) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: Raven was resting in the Pokecentre when a harsh voice whispered: "Heh! You! Yes you! No not you! You! I said not you! I mean You! Yes You! Come here!" Raven was pointing at himself at the whole time and was very confused. He walked to the voice cautiously. Raven found himself looking at a short but obviously older man looking cautiously back and forth across the room. The man began to speak, "I see you hate Team Rocket." Raven whispered, "Why are we whispering? There is no one here besides Nurse Joy and that junior trainer. Nevermind. Yes sometimes Rockets are annoying." "Well anyway, You got an invitation to Pokemon Island." " Well some guy was kidnapped in this city……I was going to….." "A lot of people are trying to save him. You can go to Pokemon Island." "Who gave me the invitation?" "Me. There are other matters I have to deal with. And I need someone to replace me and you seem like an good trainer." "Who are you?" "Too late to explain I have to leave now." "Wait what do I do when I get there?" "Look for a man name Si…." Nurse Joy’s voice was heard over the speakers asking for a certain trainer while the man ran out of the center. Raven couldn’t get the full name but only knew that it started with a S. He opened the packet containing the invitation and read it. It said to go to Celadon Airport by 4:50 Raven glance at a nearby clock and it read 4:40. Raven rushed out of the Pokecenter at full speed. It was good thing the smallsized plane was late. Raven climbed on board and after seconds after takeoff he realize that he was afraid of heights………… TBC…. I'm too grumpy from having to go back to school in 2 days to write a better post.