From: Link640985 <> Subject: [PW!] Jack Gets Gets His Liscense Date: Sunday, April 25, 1999 12:37 PM Jack cautiously walked into the pokemon center at Cinnibar. He looked around. He had been here only a few times, just recently. He decided to ask the Center's nurse, Nurse Joy, of course, if she knew where he could get a pokemon liscense. Nurse Joy knew who Jack was, and didn't feel sorry for his father being dead, but more felt mad at him for treating other children in such a harsh manner. "Excuse me, Nurse Joy, do you know where I could get a Pokemon liscense?" he asked, rather haltedly. To say the truth, Jack was actually afraid of her. He knew he was tough, but another rumor he had heard on the street was that the entire line of Nurse Joys klnew how to take out fifty men in hand to hand combat, even when they were in separate towns. And he had believed it. But Nurse Joy was rather surprised that a boy such as Jack would want a pokemon. And worried. Worried that he would treat a pokemon badly. "I specialize in pokemon liscenses, but why should I give you one? How do I know you won't hurt a pokemon?" He gulped. He didn't know if he could handle her. "Because I already have a goal set out. To humiliate and eradicate the entire group of Team Rocket." He announced, rather proud. "A goal, huh? You mess around with Team Rocket, and I'll never give you a liscense.Especially if you have your pokemon fight them" He desperately continued. "Oh, no, no. I plan on fighting them myself. After I become the Pokemon League Champion. Once I'm Champ, they'll try and get my pokemon. And then I'll make them pay for what they did." He said, his eys concentrated with drakness. Nurse Joy thought to herself. She had seen what he had done to a bunch of boys, and even pokemon. If he focused on Team Rocket... "Alright then I'll give you a liscense, but you have to catch the pokemon. Okay?" "Okay he said. I'll catch one. I just hope I don't hurt it too bad. I'll need as many as I can get." And then Joy handed over his liscense. She only hoped she didn't make a mistake. "Thanks. I won't forget this." Jack came out of the center, with the liscense. "Oh, and one more thing." She said, tossing a small red object to Jack, catching it. A pokedex. "That's the official liscense. It's a pokedex. The paper just says who you report back to if your liscense is revoked". Jack thanked Nurse Joy, and walked off. If only he knew just how dark a day in history this was for Team Rocket. "Lord of the Lunatics" Link640985 "The darkness. It floods your mind with evil thoughts." "But what is it?" "It is... my ass."-Link640985/ Whoa!!!!!