Subject: [PW] [PKMN Auction] Jake and The Ex-Trainer Date: 8 Apr 1999 00:38:03 GMT From: tiger1129@aol.comSaint (Tiger1129) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: Jake wandered. his new Porygon back safely in his gym in the double locked computer safe. His only pokemon at the moment was Talon. he wasn't planning on challenging any one right now, just relaxing. He heard someone talking over a loudspeaker. He ran to investigate. "Yes that's right friends I am giving away ALL of my pokemon, I was once a trainer, But I'm retiring! and since I want my pokemon to continue to be trained and grow strong I took advantage of this convention to give away all of my pokemon." He pulled a sheet off of the object next to him, it looked like a silver cannon, attached to one of those tumblers they use for raffles and drawings. "This is a pokeball machine gun. attached to each of these pokeballs is a small parachute, the pokeballs will be shot into the air, the chutes will deploy and the pokemon will fall safely to the eart, if you catch one it's yours. People please be civilized about this, no pushing, shoving stealing fighting or biting. Thank you." He moved over to the canon. I estimated there were about a Five Hundred pokeballs in the tumbler. He gave the tumblers a few turns, mixing up the pokemon. Then he posistioned himself over the trigger. "Ready? Aim! FIRE!" RATATATATATATATATATATATATATATTATATATATATATATTATATATATATATATATATATATATATT!!!!!!! The pokeballs were fired out in rapid sequence. I flapped my wings, just enough to give me a little extra lift, but not enough so that anyone would see my wings. I hoped. I grabbed to pokeballs in each hand before I fell to the earth with a flat *THUMP* I Noticed a lot of the trainers throwing down their pokeballs to see what they got. I realized with a shock that most, not all but most, of the pokeballs contained Magikarp. I counted and saw that about one in three pokeballs had a Magikarp. I looked up at the platform, but that guy was gone. I threw done my Pokeballs A seel, A Vulpix, A Dodrio and..... A Magikarp. I was relieved I didn't mind having one Magikarp, but if they all were that wouldn't have been good. The rest of the crowd didn't feel the way I did, however. The fountain beside us became overflown with Magikarps and their pokeballs. Not all of the Mgikarps, Maybe half of the Magikarps. about 45 or so I studied them and realized they were so close to evolving, one or two levels and they would be Gyaradoses. I put them all in their Pokeballs, I set seven aside for myself , and beamed them along with Vulpix, Seel and Dodrio, to my gym. Stats for all of the Magikarps Level 17-19 Moves Splash Tackle He decided to sell the rest for 100 each, or a trade. (wanna buy one? you can find Jake in front of the pool of water just next to the West side of the game corner.) TBC The Saint