From: Tiger1129 <tiger1129@aol.comSaint> Subject: [PW!] Jake goes on a Journey Date: Wednesday, April 21, 1999 4:00 PM "PidgigigiOOTTOO" Jake's Pidgeotto, Feathers, screamed as he just Sky Attacked the crap out of a challenger's Bulbasaur. "Bulba....sauur." the lizard groaned as it fell to the floor, defeated. The challenger looked crestfallen. Jake walked up to the kid and shook his hand. "good match, kid." The kid collected his Bulbasaur and began to exit the room. "Wait till I get a Pikachu! Then we'll see who wins!" he stormed out of the gym and slapped the door. Startling the nest of Pidgeys in his rafters. "Sore losers, Pah." Jake scoffed. He went to the back room and Feathers followed him. He slumped down in his chair, and sighed. "I'm bored," he said, "I need something to occupy my time." He glanced at his sole badge. (Sole as in singular) The rainbow badge he had gotten in order to maintain control over his Farfetch'd and his Fearow. The Rainbow badge. "Hmm I suppose I could go badge collecting. After all, my Pokes could use the exercise, and stuff. So Jake started packing TBC (Jake always seems bored, That Articuno adventure didn't last as long as I'd hoped.) The Saint