From: Chad Hartwig <> Subject: [PW] Kodiak To Mt. Moon Date: Sunday, April 25, 1999 6:32 AM To Mt. Moon As Kodiak entered the clear he saw a young man holding an elder man against a tree. A brief case lay on the ground and pokeballs were attached to the old mans belt. “Leave him alone.” yell Kodiak. The young man turn and looked Kodiak up and down. The old man sighs in relief “You dare tell me, the M.T. the greatest pokemon thief ever, what to do?” he said. “Yes, I the one and only Kodiak do.” With that Kodiak throws a pokeball and Cubone pops out trilling his bone. “Lets battle, M.T.” M.T. looks a little scared. “He don’t have any pokemon,” The old man yells to Kodiak. “Shut up fool,” yells M.T.. “You don’t have any pokemon and you call your self the greatest pokemon thief ever,” taunts Kodiak. With that M.T. grabs one of the balls at the old mans waste. “Pokeball go,” he yells but nothing happens. “Ha, Ha that an empty pokeball,” laughs the old man. “Cubone, bone club.” M.T. looks at Cubone and runs off. “Sorry, I couldn’t save your pokeball.” He says to the old man. “Thats O.K. Kodiak. By the way my name is Canon. I think you for saving my pokemon.” “Why didn’t you use one of your pokemon to stop him?” “Because I’m not a pokemon trainer.” “Then why do you have pokeball at your waist?” “What these there all empty. I am a pokemon breeder and have these to trick thieves.” “If those balls are all empty where are your pokemon.” “In my brief case.” Canon opens up the brief case and inside is 8 pokeballs. “I specialize in the breeding of Rhyhorns and Rhydon. Kodiak for saving me and my pokemon I would like you to have a Canon breed Rhyhorn.” “I don’t deserve it all I did is what any pokemon trainer would have done.” “No, you do deserve it and your taking Rhyhorn.” With that he put a pokeball in Kodiak’s hand. He then looks at his watch. “Wow look at the time I must be going thanks again Kodiak.” “See you Canon.” Wow a can’t believe I got a Rhyhorn thinks Kodiak. “Rhyhorn go” The ball pops open and the ground shakes when Rhyhorn lands. “Rhyhorn?” “I’m your new trainer, Rhyhorn, do want me to be your trainer?” “Rhyhorn,” the pokemon says meaning yes. “All right them lets go, Rhyhorn and Cubone return. There might be other pokemon thieves around I better be careful. Wait a minute I know I’ll let Nido out with his ears hear can hear if somebody is coming and warn me. Nido go. And with that Kodiak and Nido head toward Mt. Moon. M.T. runs threw the forest. That Kodiak will pay for making me look bad he thinks. He looks back to see if anybody is Kodiak or his Cubone is following him and trips on a root. He falls and the old mans pokeball fly form his hand and rolls to a stop. M.T. looks up and sees a Machop standing behind it. The pokemon steps forward and steps on the ball. Machop gets suck into it. The ball moves three times and is still. M.T. gets and goes over it the ball. “What did I just capture and pokemon.” A small appears on his face as he picks up the ball. He throws his hand in the air. “Now Kodiak will really pay.” To Be continued.... By Paul Hartwig