From: Bandraptor <> Subject: [PW!] Leaving Saffron Date: Tuesday, April 27, 1999 3:02 AM >The two of them returned to the Pokemon Center. Meanwhile, Damian continued >to >look absent-minded. > >"And, when we get to Celadon, maybe I can see my dad..." Jon finished. Nori sighed. She'd been looking forward to seeing her friends again, but now they were acting so... distant. She wondered what the problem was. With a shrug, the girl stepped outside. She had a score to settle with a certain Dewgong trainer... The trainer smiled brightly, apon seeing Nori approach. "Back for more, eh?" Nori grinned, and pulled out Akuni's pokeball. "We'll see." "Go, Dewdrop!" The Dewgong appeared in the field, majestic as ever. "I'll make this easy on you," the trainer sneered. "Dewdrop, Rest! Maybe you can beat it, if it's sleeping!" Nori looked unfazed. "Akuni, you know what to do." The Lickitung nodded, and began to hop around in the grass, back and forth, left and right, spinning in circles. The other trainer burst out laughing. "He looks like a drunk monkey!" She nodded over towards her pokemon. "Okay, Dewdrop, it's time to put this thing out of its misery. Take Down, now!" The Dewgong yawned, and opened its eyes. Just as it did so, Akuni performed the last step of its elaborate dance. It paused for a moment, then charged toward the Dewgong with both fists pulled back. "LICKITUNG!!!" Akuni slammed its paws into the sea lion's stomach, the built up momentum only adding to the force of its attack. Dewdrop looked around dizzily, and fell to the ground, fainted. "AWRIGHT!" Nori cheered, "You did it, Akuni!" "Licki licki!" it grinned, from ear to ear. "And you," Nori pointed to the Dewgong trainer, "You owe me half of *your* money." The girl frowned. "H-hold up a minute. How's about we make it double or nothing?" Nori shook her head. "No way. I beat you." "You're just afraid you'll lose!" the girl taunted, removing a pokeball from her belt. "Tell ya what, I just spent all my winnings on this here Porygon. It's not even registered yet, so it'll accept anyone as its new master! If you win, I'll let you have it!" Nori shrugged. She didn't really want to fight. On the other hand, even if she lost the second round, she could still snatch the Porygon... "Okay, you're on!" The Dewgong trainer grinned. "And for my second pokemon, I choose... Rhyhorn!" "Nuts." Nori grimaced. If only she had a water pokemon... "I *do* have a water pokemon!" she cried, remembering. "Go, Rubix!" The Wartortle appeared in the field before her, and stared blankly ahead. "Rubix, use your Water Gun!" Rubix plopped down on the ground, crossing its arms, in protest. "Try and make me!" The Dewgong trainer sweatdropped. "Rhyhorn, Skull Bash!" "HOOOORRN!" it bellowed, charging toward the Wartortle. Nori glared down at her pokemon. "Don't think I'm gonna pull you from this match. Either fight, or get trounced!" Rubix just rolled its eyes. "HOOOORNN!" The Rhyhorn bellowed again, tossing its head, as it closed in on Rubix. Nori bit her lip, unsure of what to do. She'd been bluffing... she couldn't *really* leave Rubix out there, if it wasn't going to defend itself. She took Rubix in one hand, the Porygon's pokeball in the other, and dashed off down the street. "Wh-what're you doing?" Rubix asked, in alarm. "Shove it!" Nori screamed, tucking the turtle under her arm. There was a thumping coming from behind them, it sounded like an earthquake. Nori turned to look, and immediately wished she hadn't... the Rhyhorn was galloping after them, its trainer riding it like a stockhorse. Nori cursed under her breath, and threw the Porygon's pokeball to the ground. The crystalline pokemon popped out, and hovered beside Nori as she ran. "[...]?" it asked, in a voice that resembled a creaking door. "Porygon," Nori shouted, struggling to be heard over the approaching Rhyhorn, "We need a lift!" "[...]!" It nodded, and quickly tripled in size. The girl clambered aboard, and Porygon started to fly away, but it was too slow. By now, the Rhyhorn had gotten close enough, that it could wallop them with its Horn Attack. Porygon let out a squeal, as several of the cone shaped projectiles made contact. Nori scanned her brain, trying to remember what she'd read about Porygon on the Internet. They were computer code, given form, and were programmed to morph in several different ways. Aside from being able to alter their size, Porygon could... "Porygon, Conversion!" "[...]" The pokemon shimmered, and its glassy body turned to stone, beneath her feet. The Rhyhorn shot off another volley of Horn Attacks, but this time, they glanced off of Porygon's skin. "Great job, Porygon!" Nori patted it on the head, and Porygon smiled as best it could. "[...]!" Suddenly, the Porygon jolted so violently, that Nori almost toppled from its back. She wheeled around, just as the Rhyhorn slammed into them for a second time. Its trainer smiled wickedly. "I'm glad you used Conversion, to make my Porygon extra hard. I'd hate to see him hurt, when it's *you* that I want to trample!" "Um..." Nori's face fell. She'd never seen anyone this mad. "Porygon! Agility, now!" Seemlessly, Porygon's angular feet morphed into rocket boosters. There was a burst of flame, as the odd little pokemon soared up into the sky; and the Rhyhorn and its trainer collapsed to the ground, singed. Nori grinned, clinging to the Porygon's neck, as her dreadlocks flapped in the wind. "Looks like I won." She turned to Rubix. "No thanks to you! Why can't you be obedient, like my other pokemon?" Rubix scowled. "You just happen to have my pokeball. That doesn't make me your pokemon!" Nori threw up her arms, in despair. "Same goes for Magmar, but he still listens to me!" "That's cuz Magmar's a 'tard." Nori gave the Wartortle a slap. "Why do you have to be so mean? All I want is for my pokemon to be happy!" "If you really wanna make me happy," Rubix sneered, "You'll evolve me into a Blastoise!" It snickered, thinking of how much pain a Blastoise could inflict on a human target; and made a slashing motion across its neck for emphasis. The subtle gesture seemed to escape Nori's attention. "If you wanna evolve, then you're gonna have to fight for me!" "Don't count on it!" "[...]!" Rubix and Nori turned to see what Porygon was gesturing to. Unfortunately, the object happened to be a brick wall... SPLAT! Nori groaned, and got to her feet. She'd been getting beaten up so much as of late, she seemed to be developing an immunity to pain. Porygon was lying on the ground, at its normal size, and Rubix was safely tucked inside its shell. Off to the right, a couple of bug pokemon were duking it out; and a strange, blue guy looked like he was about ready to attack a tree... TBC -Beth "Ii kanji!"